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Music Ace Deluxe

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Music Ace Deluxe teaches music fundamentals for beginning music students of all ages

This is one of those CD-ROMs that should be in the library of every home educator. Here you have a masterful blend of solid instruction, engaging drillwork through the use of games, and the opportunity to be creative.

Introduction to Music Fundamentals
Music Ace Deluxe is designed to provide an introduction to music fundamentals for beginning music students of all ages. Users participate in a series of self-paced lessons that reinforce fundamental music skills and an understanding of music theory.

Sharpen Music Skills
Comprehensive lessons feature such topics as: keyboard basics, pitch identification, rhythm, note reading, sharps & flats, introduction to key signature, major scales, and much more. Challenging games, one per lesson, sharpen music skills and improve retention of important lesson concepts.

More than 2,000 Musical Examples
Music Ace Deluxe also features more than 2,000 musical examples from seventy-five composers to reinforce traditional music instruction, both vocal and instrumental. Using visual and auditory clues, children develop hundreds of music skills, including beat and pitch discrimination, staff and keyboard relationships, and the meanings of important musical terms.

Interactive Activities
Instruction is tailored to children's responses, giving them just the right amount of help while they're learning. Interactive activities ("games" to your children) reinforce ear training, sight reading, rhythmic dictation, composing rhythms and melodies, distinguishing harmonies and melodies, and so much more.

Compose and Listen to Your Own Music
Plus, your child can take what he has learned to the Music Doodle Pad where he can easily compose and listen to his own music using a variety of instrument sounds. These creative compositions can even be saved and played back for others (I'll let you decide if this is a plus or not!) This remarkable software has received more than twenty-eight awards and honors and has the rare distinction of being placed in the Timberdoodle family library. Not many CD-ROMs make it that far!

Recommended for ages eight to adult; however, we would not hesitate to recommend it for younger children if they are reading at a third-grade level or better
Thirty-six engaging, self-paced lessons that accelerate development of fundamental music skills and music theory. Lessons cover:
1. Introduction to the Staff
2. Intro. to the Piano Keyboard
3. Beat and Tempo
4. Playing with Pitch
5. The ABCs of the Piano Keyboard
6. Hearing Rhythms
7. More Piano ABC's
8. The ABCs of the Staff
9. Basic Rhythm Notation
10. The ABCs of the Treble Staff
11. More Treble Staff ABC's
12. The Quarter Rest
13. Below the Treble Staff
14. Melody
15. Above the Treble Staff
16. The Measure
17. The ABC's of the Bass Staff
18. Above the Bass Staff
19. Notes Longer Than a Beat
20. Below the Bass Staff
21. Dotted Quarter Notes
22. Half Steps and Whole Steps
23. Rests
24. Sharps and Flats
25. Sharps and Flats on the Staff
26. Syncopation
27. The Key Signature
28. Introduction to Major Scales
29. Sixteenth Notes
30. Sharp Key Signatures
31. Three Sounds per Beat
32. The Time Signature
33. Flat Key Signatures
34. The 6/8 Time Signature
35. Minor Scales
36. Introduction to Harmony

Publisher's Information
Publisher: Harmonic Vision
Made In: USA

System requirements: Music Ace Deluxe ships on a hybrid CD-ROM that runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

WINDOWS: XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8; 32 and 64 bit; 50 MB free RAM; 60 MB free hard disk space; 16-bit sound; CD-ROM drive and mouse; General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL.

MACINTOSH: PowerPC/Intel; OS X 10.4.11 or later; 50 MB free RAM; 60 MB free hard disk space; CD-ROM drive and mouse; General MIDI keyboard OPTIONAL.

Each license(purchased software) can be installed on only 1 computer

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