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  Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide to Making Films
Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide to Making Films

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Ages: 8+
Grade Levels: 4+

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Out of print.

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Movie Making for Kids
With the proliferation of cell phones and compact shoot-and-share video cameras, movie-making is not just a career it is a way of life. Thanks to the technical innovations that now come standard on most cell phones, there's nothing holding your child back from making his first film.

From Pre-Production to Actual Screening
Movie Maker has everything an aspiring filmmaker needs to make a captivating movie using a digital camera or cell phone. The forty-eight-page director's handbook takes you step by step from pre-production to screening the finished movie. The Movie Maker handbook discusses types of films, genres, and many aspects of movie production, including location scouting, casting, equipment, types of shots, music and sound, lighting, and much more. It also explains all the basic terms so your child will learn the difference between a close-up, a mid shot, a tilt, and a pan.

Just Add Camera and Computer
Besides the director's handbook, Movie Maker also includes a CD with sound effects; several sheets of push-out props, such as fake mustaches; a storyboard; a build-it-yourself paper robot for a stop-motion movie; even tickets for the premiere of the movie. In addition, the box can be used as a clapper-board essential to all good filmmaking. Movie Maker is a terrific kit for any child who has an interest in movies. Just add a camera and a computer for editing and turn your child loose. For ages eight and older.
  • A working clapper-board/chalkboard
  • A forty-eight-page, illustrated director's handbook
  • A fill-in storyboard
  • A CD of sound effects
  • Costuming and props such as push-out mustaches and tattoo stickers
  • Animation aids, including a push-out studio set and characters
  • Premiere night essentials: push-out tickets, a poster template, and more!
    Made in China