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Morphology Game

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Timberdoodle's review
Watch how to play Morphology here.

A great game for family gatherings
Fast, fun, and super-creative, Morphology forces your family to think about everyday objects in a completely new way. And with no limit to how many people can play, Morphology is a great game for family get-togethers.

The perfect balance of competition and collaboration
Morphology is the perfect balance of competition and collaboration. Using wooden pawns, glass beads, small colorful wooden blocks, a bit of string, popsicle sticks, and more, Morphology asks players to create an image for their teammates to identify. Without spelling out the words or speaking, the creator/player assumes the role of a puppeteer rather than that of an actor. From "butterfly" to "nose hairs," if the teammates can guess the word within the allotted time, their team frog moves forward toward the finish.

Crazy-fun game
However, when a team player lands on a Lily Pad with the word "Roll" he must roll the die, and depending on the results may be required to build the word with his eyes closed, using his non-dominant hand only, or even create with only the string. The twists and turns the die creates add another layer of hilarity to this crazy-fun game.

All ages play together
Morphology is one of those rare games that allows for social interaction with mixed age groups and is so straightforward that it is almost intuitive to play. Plus, since the rules are not complex, non-gamers are not frightened away.

Morphology includes 600 cards, over 60 various building components, timer, die and more. Be aware that there may be a card or two that you'll want to skip. Recommended for ages 13-plus because of the limit on the timer; younger children will love playing but may need more time to make their words.

Manufacturer: Morphology
Ages: 13+
Players: 4 or more
Time to learn: 10 minutes
Time To Play: 35 minutes

TIME MAGAZINE: Voted as the #2 in the Top 10 Toys of 2010
CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Top Ten Games to Start a Party
2010 TOY FAIR: Morphology Picked as One of the Top Ten Games of the 2010 Toy Fair!
TIMBERDOODLE: 2011 Game of the year!
Teachers' Choice Award for the Family by Learning Magazine 2012!

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

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Our family (including grown children, December 4, 2014
Reviewer: Wendy H.  
Our family (including grown children, and grandchildren ages 5 and 7) did not find this game fun. We found ourselves mostly using the string and it got quickly boring. The roll of the dice which changes the way you play each round seemed to complicate the game rather than make it more interesting. The provided shoestring would not stay placed on the felt, though we easily substituted string. I would readily say that if we had older children, or tried again, or maybe played with different people with different giftings, we might like it, but we were disappointed.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Fun for the whole family January 15, 2013
Reviewer: Linda  
We have some picky game players in our family and even they loved this game. The main thing I enjoyed with this game is that it's a game you can play with a wide range of ages. You have to use your imagination to come up with a way to make the picture and you don't have to have drawing skills. A big win for our family and extended family.

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Morphology Review by Our Busy Homeschool December 28, 2011
Reviewer: Tristan from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
I’ll be honest, according to the box Morphology is for ages 13 and up.  None of my 6 children have reached that age but I still thought we could make it work – and I was right!

The game has a few twists.  You see, when a team answers correctly they move their frog to the next lily pad on the board.  Some of these lily pads have the word “Roll”.  When you are on those you must roll a die and use the chart on the board to determine changes.

Remember that I said the game is meant for ages 13 and up?   The only real challenges we found when playing with younger children are the short time given for each turn (easy to fix, use the timer twice in a row if needed) and having non-readers (we sent them out of the room with a reading helper to read them the word from their card).  We divided into two teams and split the ages evenly with one adult and a mix of younger and older children on each team.  Everyone had fun even when there were lots of laughs at our attempts to communicate through building.

The only other thing I noticed that many of the building materials are very small, a choking hazard, so we made sure to watch closely that no materials found their way into little mouths.

All in all, Morphology was a hit at our house!

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Morphology Review by Delightful Learning December 26, 2011
Reviewer: Michelle from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
While it is designed for ages 13 and up, it is fun for younger ages, especially when more time is given. Wish I would have read that on the website before we played!  Our youngest player (age 4) had the same time limit as the older {and, ahem, more competitive} players. It would have been more fun to double the time for the little ones. They still had fun, though!

The cards have both an easy and a hard option. You are not given a category and that was on my mind the whole time - what sort of word am I trying to guess? Most of the words are nouns, but some are action words. It is similar to Pictionary, and not at all like Charades, although you can "puppeteer" the components. And you cannot spell out the word.

Even though I was on the winning team, I stopped enjoying this game towards the end. The "Pick 3" rule was hard and made this game ultra competitive - too much for me. Everyone else gave Morphology two thumbs up and said they thought the game was great. . . I think the game would be GREAT if next time they play without me! (LOL)

Read the rest of this review at http://delightfullearning.blogspot.com/2011/12/morphology-timberdoodle-review.html

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Morphology ~ The Game Where Creativity Wins December 23, 2011
Reviewer: Mama Jenn from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
I love open-ended toys and games that encourage my kids to be creative! So, after taking a look at Timberdoodle’s 2001 Game of the Year, Morphology, I KNEW it would be a hit with our family! Morphology IS the game where creativity win!

While the game is designed for ages 13 and up, my entire family was able to play. We divided the family up into two teams; one adult on each team. We did have to help our 4 year olds a bit. Since they couldn’t read the words on the card, the adult on the opposite team helped out by whispering the word in their ear and giving them some ideas on how to build it. We also gave the little guys extra time to build. Nevertheless, we still had a great time playing together as a family!

We love Morphology! My older set of twin boys seem to make everything a competition and one of them tends to “win” at just about all of the academic competitions they create for themselves. I recently discussed with my husband how I needed to “set up” competitions where my more creative son can “win” too! Morphology has done that for us! This game is right up my creative son’s alley and I just love that he is able to tap into his creative side and experience victory as well! While we all love the game, I especially love what it is doing to boast my son’s confidence!

A big thank you to Timberdoodle for introducing us to Morphology, which truly is the game where creativity wins! We love Morphology and it will definitely be added to the game night rotation!

Read the rest of this review at http://mama-jenn.blogspot.com/2011/11/i-love-open-ended-toys-and-games-that.html

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