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(damaged) Meaningful Composition - Meaningful Composition 6A
Meaningful Composition

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Ages: 9-18
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Timberdoodle's review
Meaningful Composition - A Powerful Writing Program
If you or your child are not keen on tackling the vast scope of Character Quality Language Arts but you fret that he is missing the important writing skills that CQLA addresses, then fret no longer.

Precept-Upon-Precept Approach to Writing
Now families who want to offer their children a rich, in-depth, precept-upon-precept approach to writing can use the new Meaningful Composition. With instructions from prewriting (outlining, finding source material, researching, and more) to rough draft writing to revising to final product writing, Meaningful Composition is a compilation of the "writing only" parts of CQLA.

Most Complete Writing Program Available
Using a "directed writing approach," Meaningful Composition tells your child how much to write, what to put in each paragraph, etc., in a step-by-step format. Each book contains two levels so that more advanced students in each level are expected to write more details and complete more revisions than the beginners. Meaningful Composition is not for every child, but for the child who loves to write and for the college–bound, you won't find any more complete program.

Sample Pages:

Meaningful Composition 4A: Sentences, Paragraphs, & More
Table of Contents
Week 9: Beginning Paragraph Writing
Week 16: Multiple Paragraph Essays

Meaningful Composition 5A: Writing for Real:
Table of Contents
Week 3: Key Word Outline Essay From Given Material
Weeks 8 & 9: Original Informative Report

Meaningful Composition 6A: Long and Strong:
Table of Contents
Week 1: How to Create and Write From a Key Word Outline
Weeks 4 and 5: Original Informative Report

Meaningful Composition 8A: Bridging the Gap:
Table of Contents
Weeks 9 and 10: Informative Research Report
Week 11: Key Word Outline Essay

Meaningful Composition 9A: Research Reports:
Table of Contents
Week 3 and 4: Report II Agriculture Product(s)

Meaningful Composition 12A: The Research Paper:
Table of Contents
Weeks 1 and 3: The Research Paper
  • Includes additional work for advanced students
  • Step-by-step format
  • Grammar application

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Donna Reish
    Binding: Spiral bound
    Copyright: 2009
    Publisher: Training
    Made In: USA
    Consumable: Yes
    Reproducible: No

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