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  Maui Toys Swirl Atom Sky Ball 4-inch
Maui Toys Swirl Atom Sky Ball 4-inch
The highest bouncing ball ever made!

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Out-bounce Every Ball on the Playground
The Maui Toys 4-inch Sky Ball is a hyper-charged helium- and air-filled ball that out-bounces every other ball on the playground. How high can you bounce it? The record is 75 feet, though the average Timberdoodle employee bounced it half as high.

Bounce High, Throw Far
Can you do better? Get your family and friends together and see who can bounce the Sky Ball the highest. Or play catch and marvel at how far you can throw it. You donít need to worry about losing your Sky Ball after a sky-scraping bounce, because itís big enough to easily locate.

Stays Helium-filled Indefinitely
Unlike a leaky helium balloon, Maui Toys Sky Balls are sealed and non-porous, so they remain helium-filled indefinitely. And because Sky Balls don't have a lot of weight or mass, a mere four ounces, they are unlikely to puncture even when bouncing on poky surfaces such as gravel, though you can attain higher bounces on a smooth, hard surface such as concrete. And Sky Balls float, so you can take them to the beach with no fears of them sinking beneath the waves.

Swirls, Bugs, and Butterflies
Maui Toys Sky Balls come both in assorted swirl colors and as bug-filled Sky Balls -- with creepy black spiders that seem to crawl around inside them or tiny butterflies that appear to float in the air.
The highest bouncing ball ever made!
  • Helium- and air-filled
  • Bounces up to 75 feet in the air
  • Throw it farther than other balls
  • Play hyper-charged versions of sports like baseball & football

    Available Options
  • Swirl Atom (colors may vary)
  • Nature Bugs (spiders or butterflies)

    Manufacturer's Information
    Manufacturer: Maui Toys

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