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Our Mashoonga Sabers Set, surprisingly enough, has been one of our hottest sellers at homeschool conferences. Is this indicative of the stress homeschooling parents feel or the pleasure they anticipate in seeing their children off the couch and outside engaged in vigorous play? Or maybe it is because, as one fellow vendor remarked, "I'm tired of getting hit in the knees with a wooden sword!"

Strength, Durability, Long Life
Mashoonga foam dueling sabers are soft polyethylene foam tubes with a unique additive for strength, durability, and UV protection. In addition, their foam is covered with bright, washable nylon sleeves to protect and prolong the life of the foam. Unlike foam tubes that flop around, the Mashoonga Sabers Set has strong polycarbonate core tubes that are both lightweight and flexible. And the handgrip on the Mashoonga dueling sabers is composed of soft, hardwearing silicone compounds.

A Sport, Not Just Horseplay
Not merely a fast-paced, high-energy contest of attack and self-defense moves, Mashoonga's game rules give it structure, differentiating it from mere horseplay. Mashoonga is a sport that will strengthen your child's tactical skills, eye-hand coordination, and stamina. When the rules are faithfully followed, Mashoonga is a friendly, safe, yet competitive contact game of ancient combat skills.

Two thirty-five-inch Mashoonga Warriors
Mashoonga Warriors Set includes two flame resistant thirty-five-inch sabers and complete rules of engagement. Two Twenty-four-Inch Mashoonga Cadets The Mashoonga Cadet Set includes two flame-resistant twenty-four-inch sabers, specially sized for the smaller warriors in your family, and complete rules of engagement.