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Hone Your Observation Skills
Which suspect is the guilty one? LineUp is a terrific way to polish your family's visual discrepancy skills. Travel the LineUp game board and stop at each of six crime scenes to take a five second eyewitness look at the suspect.

Remember the Smallest Details
Study the picture, because when you head back to the police station for a lineup, you'll face a formidable string of look alike suspects. Do these eyebrows match the suspect's? How about the chin or the lips? To win LineUp, players will need to analyze, differentiate, and remember the smallest details. LineUp is recommended for ages eight and up. 
How To Play Line-Up Video
Playing time: 20-60 Minutes
Made in: China

  • 16 Bakery Suspect Cards
  • 16 Bank Supspect Cards
  • 16 Car Lot Suspect Cards
  • 16 Pet lot Suspect Cards
  • 16 Warehouse Suspect Cards
  • 16 Wharf Suspect Cards
  • 10 Card Stands with stickers (1 "Guilty", 9 "Innocent")
  • 26 Lucky Break Cards
  • 6 Lineup count chips
  • 6 Pawns
  • Die
  • Security Shield
  • Instructions