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Wrap-Ups Addition Wrap-Ups All About America Wrap Ups Alphabet Wrap-Ups Division
Wrap-Ups Addition
Our Price: $8.75
Wrap-Ups Alphabet
Our Price: $8.75
Wrap-Ups Division
Our Price: $8.75
Wrap-Ups Fractions Wrap-Ups Multiplication Wrap-Ups Music Theory Intro Kit Wrap Ups Numbers
Wrap-Ups Fractions
Our Price: $8.75
Wrap-Ups Multiplication
Our Price: $8.75
Wrap-Ups Numbers
Our Price: $8.75
Wrap-Ups Science Wrap Ups Shapes & Logic Wrap-ups States & Capitals Wrap-Ups Subtraction
Wrap-Ups Science
Our Price: $42.75
Wrap-Ups Shapes & Logic
Our Price: $8.75
Wrap-Ups Subtraction
Our Price: $8.75
Finally, a learning manipulative that is truly portable! Your children can use Wrap-Ups in the car, at the beach, at the doctor's office, or even during a home school meeting; the possibilities are endless! Because of the portability of Wrap-Ups, they can be practiced anywhere. Wrap-Ups are excellent for drill-work. Challenge your children to complete a board in less than a minute before they start the next board.

Each set of Wrap-Ups contains ten self-correcting, joined-at-the-top boards (about 1 1/2" x 5"), with a colorful attached string. The string wraps around from the problem on the left to the answer on the right. If the answers are correct, the string will cover the lines on the back of the board.

This is a wonderful tool for visual and kinesthetic children, and if you encourage them to say the problems aloud, it is equally marvelous for the auditory child. Because it is self-correcting, your children will have immediate feedback for checking accuracy. (Plus, it takes you out of the picture as the bearer of "bad news!")