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Learning With The Movies

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Beyond the Traditional Approach to History
I have always loved teaching with movies. Videos and now DVDs have given our children the ability to see life in a way that nothing else can. Ben Hur does a magnificent job of illustrating a chariot race. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington shows a grand example of a filibuster and its purpose. And The Longest Day certainly taught my children, with surprising accuracy, more about the Normandy invasion than they could have ever grasped using the traditional approaches to history.

New Updated Edition
If you agree with me that the judicious use of videos can open a whole new world for your children, but you don’t know where to start, let me suggest the latest updated and expanded edition of Learning With The Movies. This new edition adds a number of brand new categories of films, including Post War, Cold War, Other Wars, and Education/Special Needs.

More Than 800 Additional Movies
Written by a homeschool veteran and former faculty member in a university drama and theater department, Learning With the Movies is a guidebook for parents who desire to enhance, with film, their teaching of certain historical time periods or famous people. Now Learning With the Movies has added over 800 additional movies across all categories, as well as updated information on how to find movies, information about new hardware to make movie viewing safer for children, and ways to stretch your dollars to use film for school and family fun.

Educationally Driven
Unlike other movie review books that are more entertainment driven, Learning With The Movies is educational in bent, interested ultimately in what your children will be learning. Of course, Beth notes any concerns she has regarding content so that parents of younger children can either skip it or preview it to determine appropriateness for their family.

A Time Saver
This book is a real time-saver because it will spare you endless hours of wading through hundreds of reviews in search of the particular topic you are studying. Instead, with Learning With The Movies, you can quickly turn to the desired time period and peruse potential videos. Beth's succinct reviews will be enough to narrow it down to the few most suitable for your family – then we suggest taking a quick glance at online reviews as well, to get more than one perspective. You’ll save hours of wading around the internet, without forgoing the benefits of including movies in your studies. In addition, this new version of Learning With The Movies has been improved to make finding movies for a study easier, by underlining the pertinent historical information in each review.

Makes Learning With the Movies Easier
In addition to grouping videos by topic of time period, Learning With The Movies’ index lists all movie titles, and there is an appendix giving information on where to find the videos/DVDs locally and online, as well as how to begin to build a video library. When you are ready to move beyond books in your homeschool, save yourself time, money and grief by investing in Learning With The Movies.

Includes over 2000 reviews written for children, families and for educational purposes.

Learning With the Movies covers:
  • Bible Times
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Mayans
  • Vikings
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance
  • Reformation
  • 1600s
  • 1700s: America, Europe
  • 1800s: West, East, Europe, World, Civil War
  • 1900s (General), World, World War I,
  • World War II: South Pacific
  • World War II: Europe
  • World War II: Other Theatres of War
  • World War II: The Home Front
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • Cold Wars
  • Other Wars
  • Women's Stories/Issues
  • Music/Arts
  • Biographies
  • Family Films
  • Sports
  • Science/Nature
  • Horses
  • Medicine
  • Education/Special Needs
  • Literature
  • Holidays
  • Miscellaneous Category
  • Plus an index and an apendix on finding the movies you want to see!

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Beth Holland
    Pages: 161
    Binding: Spiral Bound
    Copyright: 2009
    ISBN: 0975392220
    Publisher: Bread For Life
    Made In: USA