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Latin for Children Primer C Bundle
Latin for Children Book C Bundle

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Ages: 11+
Grade Levels: 5th+

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I am not the best candidate to review a Latin program. Unlike Spanish, of which I had 8 years of 'formal' instruction, my instruction of Latin was sporadic at best. Between grades 1 and 12 I attended 8 different schools each with their own scholastic goals, some which paralleled what is now called classical education and some which just tried to keep the kids off the street. To those who took the effort to teach Latin, I am indebted, as what little I picked up has been invaluable.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to review a number of Latin programs. Academically they may have been marvelous programs, but they looked so dreary, I didn't even try to pitch them to our kids, as it would have been a no sale. No so with Latin for Children. Engaging and incremental, these textbooks are filled with clear explanations, illustrations, exercises, and tests. Workbook format, each of the 32 chapters contains songs and chants that enable students to easily learn over 240 of the most frequently occurring words and grammar. The collaborative efforts of three Latin teachers, these books are the fruit of seven years of research and testing.

I suppose what makes Latin for Children so appealing to us is that it is idiot-proof. With easy to understand grammar sections learning Latin is not only painless but also enjoyable. Who uses Latin? Doctors, theologians, botanists and lawyers to name just a few. Not only is it the root of many popular foreign languages, nearly 50% of English words are derived from Latin words. Not too bad for a dead language!

If your children are interested in learning Latin, Latin for Children is an excellent place to start.
Bundle C includes 1 of each: Primer workbook, Answer Keys (the actual text with answers in bold print), History Reader (Latin stories from history), Activity Book (games and puzzles that reinforce the new Latin vocabulary and grammar), and Pronunciation CD. The Pronunciation CD is an audio CD that contains Dr. Perrin pronouncing each vocabulary word--first the Latin, then the English equivalent--which is then repeated by his children. All 240 vocabulary words are presented, chapter by chapter, first with the Classical pronunciation then in the Ecclesiastical pronunciation.

Each child will need their own Primer workbook and Activity Book, so if you are teaching more than one child at a time, you will need to purchase these additional items. If you have never studied Latin, we recommend starting with Bundle A
. Each book (Primers B & C) is a succession upon the previous book. They are intended to be taught sequentially beginning with Primer A (target grade: 3rd) and moving up the alphabet, one book per school year.

Please note: Timberdoodle's bundle does not include the Latin for Children DVD some of you are familiar with since we do not feel that it is a necessary component.
View a sample chapter and the table of contents for the Latin for Children Primer Workbook
View a sample of the Answer Key
View a sample of the Activity Book
View a sample of the History Reader

Publisher's Information:

Publisher: Classical Academic Press
Binding: Paperback
Made In: USA
Reproducible: No

Primer Workbook
Author: Dr. Aaron Larsen & Dr. Christoper Perrin
Pages: 310
Copyright: 2005
ISBN: 1-60051-012-4 / 9781600510120
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: No

Answer Key
Pages: 253
Copyright: 2005
ISBN: 1-60051-013-2 / 9781600510137
Consumable: No

History Reader
Author: Karen Moore & Erin Davis
Pages: 188
Copyright: 2005
ISBN: 1-60051-016-7 / 9781600510168
Consumable: No

Activity Book
Author: Rob Baddorf with Dr. Christoper Perrin
Pages: 164
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 1-60051-017-5 / 9781600510175
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: No
Answers are included in the back of the book.

Pronunciation CD
80 minutes, includes both the Classical pronunciation & Ecclesiastical pronunciation

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