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Kikou Wizz Popping Pegs
Kikou Wizz Popping Pegs

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Kikou Wizz Popping Pegs
Tap the three colorful little birds to see them bob, or push a bit harder and watch them leap out of the nest. Returning the wooden birds to their homes will encourage your baby's eye-hand coordination, and retrieving them after they have flown the coop will burn off a little pre-nap energy.

Exceptional Learning Toy
Pop-up peg toys are classic additions to Montessori classrooms and are favored by physical therapists, but Kikou Wizz Popping Pegs is the first one that has been designed with sophisticated charm.

  • 3 "Birds"
  • 1 Wooden Base

    Manufacturer's Information:

    Manufacturer: Djeco
    Made In: China

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    Adorable! February 24, 2014
    Reviewer: JL  
    I purchased this lovely, wooden toy for my one year old. He is able to place the pegs in the the base. The pegs are so cute with their painted bird faces and little wings. The springs allow the pegs to pop enough to be fun, but even my older child has not managed to pop them forcefully enough to be dangerous. The springs are well-protected, and the entire toy is very sturdy. We have had so much fun with this!

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    whimsical toy February 5, 2014
    Reviewer: Leah D.  
    Cute toy, well built. My 18 mos old son liked it a lot the first time he played with it, once he figured out how to quickly push down and move his hand out of the way so the pegs could pop up. However after that first day with it, he's not that interested. I'm not giving the toy a lower scored simply because my kid doesn't like it, but I agree with other reviewers, one more peg would be nice to have! And maybe if they did fly a bit higher, they only pop up about 5-6", maybe a little more. One of our springs doesn't pop as high as the other two. I love the whimsical painting on it and the wings are very secure in the pegs. Cute toy, but I feel like I maybe spent too much on it seeing as it's not played with much.

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    Lovely and fun December 20, 2013
    Reviewer: Sarah Nichols  
    This is a beautiful toy. The craftsmanship is excellent, the colors and designs are very pretty and not in-your-face, and it has taken quite a bit of abuse with no loss in function whatsoever (a tiny bit of paint on the corners has chipped after several spills form the couch to the hardwood floor, but that is to be expected!). The base is quite heavy and sturdy. The little peg birds are very cute; the base itself has depictions of the birds painted on it, which is nice, because your child can try to match the peg-bird with the corresponding colored bird in the picture, which adds a little extra challenge beyond simply getting them into the holes. The pegs are well-balanced and can actually stand by themselves on a flat surface. The wings are made of a single piece of felt threaded through the peg and secured somehow inside, which is a really nice feature - when I first saw them I was worried they were individual pieces that could be ripped off, but the fact that it is a single piece makes it virtually tear-proof, at least in our experience. All of the pieces are finished in a nice, soft lacquer that is highly appealing to the touch.I really struggled over whether to give this 4 stars or 5 because of the price. For the quality, the price is spot-on; I have no problem paying this much for the wonderful craftsmanship of the piece. However, I wish there were at least one more hole! It just doesn't seem quiiiite big enough. My 16 month old can put all three pegs in the holes in about one second flat. There are some similar products out there that have four holes and cost around ten bucks, and I was very tempted to buy one of those instead, but I kept coming back to this one because the aesthetics of the softer colors and intricate and unique designs appealed to me more. I also wish that the pegs were able to spring a little higher - as it is, they pop up about twice (maybe three times, for the middle one) as high as they are tall, but no higher. My daughter doesn't have to run after them to retrieve them, which I was hoping for; she just sits down and plays with them in the same spot on the floor, and when they spring up they stay right there next to her. But, in the big picture, I think that the quality and beauty of this product make it worth 5 stars. I would love to see Timberdoodle sell more wooden toys from Djeco! One more thing - while my 16 month old girl can put all the pegs in very quickly, she has only *just* learned how to spring them herself and enjoys doing so, so 16 months is definitely not too old for it. I would think even a very young baby would enjoy being able to hold the pegs and explore the textures of the wood and felt (yes, by "explore" I do mean lick/suck/chew on, and no, I wouldn't leave an infant unsupervised with these! but for playing with a parent I think they would be perfectly fine). And to be honest, the person who got the most use out of this when it first arrived a few months ago was my three year old son - he LOVED the birds, calling him his "power birds" (everything is "power" these days) and flying them all around the house for *hours*. He couldn't be parted from them for a good week after we first got them - the baby didn't even have a chance! ;-)

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    Awesome as a therapy toy!! September 25, 2013
    Reviewer: mamaof4  
    We love this product! Our son has Down Syndrome and I am always on the look out for "therapy" toys. I found this and love it! It is a bit spendy but worth it. It is very sturdy so I think it will last a long time. We practice taking the pegs out of the holder, and he also likes to bang them together because of the interesting sounds the wood make. He is still unable to get them back in or pop them but that will come in time.

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