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Jensen's Grammar

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Grade Levels: 7-12

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Longtime Timberdoodle patrons know about our aversion to grammar. But disliking a subject will not make it go away, nor will it diminish its importance. As your children reach junior and senior high school, a working grasp of grammar becomes more crucial. But if your children find studying grammar mildly loathsome then you will want a program that is complete, but as painless as possible. I think Jensen's Grammar is it.With Jensen's Grammar you get solid instruction with logically spaced repetition for long-term retention.Incremental introduction of information insures success and prevents the 'I'm overwhelmed' meltdowns.Written for grades 7 - 12, your child will learn handy information like: testing for prepositions and theirphrases, two letters that identify almost all adverbs, the trick that fixes correct usage of lie and lay, a quick way to tell linking from active verbs, and a simple procedure to reduce the number of words in a sentence to help you search for subjects and verbs. Plus the more standard material like how to make subjects and verbs agree, how to make plurals correctly, how modifiers can always be identified and much more. With 75 lessons, Jensen's Grammar can be completed in one year. Everything you need is included: lessons, exercises, tests, answers and teaching helps. The softbound book is copyrighted but the author has given permission to photocopy the tests. If you want multiple children to use the book, they will need to write their answers on a separate sheet of paper. We think that you will find that Jensen's Grammar presents the fundamentals of grammar in such a way that your children will not forget them. For Grades 7 - 12. This book is a bit harder than Easy Grammar and is best suited for an advanced student. Includes separate 64-page test and answer book.

Author: Frode Jensen
Pages: 194
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2006, 2001
ISBN: 1-886061-36-x
Publisher: Wordsmiths
Made In: USA
Consumable: No

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