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Is it the yummy jellybean colors, the abundance of unique parts, or the amusing models that make working with Jawbones such a delightful experience? Unlike many somber construction sets, Jawbones explodes with color and with creative possibilities. The Idea Booklet is as user-friendly as we have seen, with all the necessary parts and their quantities listed. Jawbone models may look like works of art, but the visual and cognitive skills involved in their creation are just as demanding as any other construction kit, making Jawbones a refreshing blend of art and thinking skills. Give your children a break from the routine; give them Jawbones and see where their imaginations will lead them.

Each set includes a variety of shapes including jaws; ratchets; swivels; connectors; axels; wheels; a rotor; and balls that swivel, ratchet, and snap together for countless hours of creative fun.