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Horizons Math 1

Horizons Math 1

Grade Levels: 1st

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Timberdoodle's review
Horizons Math 1st Grade Curriculum
Want an exciting math curriculum? Award-winning, color-filled Horizons 1st Grade Math will teach your student math successfully in an interactive, hands-on format. No boring lessons here! Your student will learn effectively through using common manipulatives such as a clock, a ruler, or coins to emphasize concepts.

Counting, Time, Money, Fractions...
Carefully planned lessons teach counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s; ordinal and cardinal numbers; time and money; fractions and shapes; and graphs. Highly acclaimed Horizons 1st Grade Math is a best-seller and is popular with teachers and students alike!

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For Math Enthusiasts

Those who know me know that I often remark on what a blessing it is to have multiple children with multiple capabilities. Not only does it add unexpected dimensions to the family dynamics, but it also helps us to recognize the struggles and triumphs of a wider assortment of parents. Furthermore, it opens our eyes anew to the fact that one size does not fit all. Not in pantyhose. Not in math. While there are many math programs for the standard-issue child, they may bore the socks off the bright child who enjoys math. For the child who thrives on a challenge and finds math a wonderful mystery to be solved, choose Horizons Math.

Analytical Reasoning, Memorization, and Drill Applied to Real-Life Situations
Open any Horizons workbook and the first thing you will notice is how bright and colorful the pages are. But don't get the wrong impression; there is nothing fluffy about this program. Horizons Math includes analytical reasoning, memorization, and drill. The skills taught in Horizons Math readily apply to real-life situations. This is a fast-paced, hard-core math program.

Spiral Learning More Closely Parallels Real Life
Using the spiral learning approach, new concepts are introduced while all the fundamental concepts learned in earlier units are reviewed and reinforced for true mastery. This repetition can drive some kids nuts, but spiral learning more closely parallels real life. Some workbooks teach only one topic until it is mastered, but when you use math, you are often employing addition, fractions, and multiplication to solve your problems. If your child frets about all the repetition, you can certainly eliminate all but a handful of the repeats, but reintroduce them if competency wanes.

Student-Directed Instructions Increase Every Year
In the younger grades, directions on the workbook pages are sparse. But they include a bit more student-directed instructions each year until your child is able to do the lessons independently. The teacher's manuals are optional, but beginning or harried moms will find them especially helpful in the early years when they include all the teaching tasks for your hands-on learners. Additional worksheets (included the teacher's manual) can be purchased separately in case a student needs extra review on a concept. Each grade consists of three pieces: two colorful workbooks that contain eighty lessons apiece, and a teacher's manual. A placement test is also available.

No special manipulatives are required!

This solid math course includes:
  • 2 student books with removable pages
  • 160 appealing student lessons
  • Teacher's guide

  • These materials may also be purchased individually.

    The teacher's guide includes:
  • Daily lesson planner
  • Student readiness evaluation test
  • Duplication masters
  • Answer keys
  • Teaching tips
  • Additional worksheets

  • Publisher's Information
  • Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
  • Made In: USA
  • Faith-Based: Yes

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    Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 7 Write a review.

      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    Great beginner's math tool! March 11, 2014
    Reviewer: Stephanie L.  
    I love these books! They are thorough, user friendly and engaging.

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    Excellent math curriculum May 3, 2013
    Reviewer: Nikki  
    We are in our 3rd year of using Horizons for my son. My son likes that there are colorful puzzle activities mixed in with the 'regular' math stuff. It also teaches in small steps each day. So sometimes it seems like we realy didn't learn anything new, it keeps things easy. There is also TONS of review built in. I think this is a good thing, my son thinks this makes it more boring. We settle that by only having him do half the problems in the review sections if he can do that half perfectly. We have been very please with Horizons. Another pro of Horizons compared to some other programs is that the child doesn't have to rewrite the problems like some texts require. This is a huge plus for a child with handwriting issues.

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      1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    Colorful & fun, but too easy! January 16, 2013
    Reviewer: Mandy  
    I bought Horizons math for my 1st grader who is advanced. He likes the colorful drawings on the pages, but he gets tired of doing the same math over and over again. If your child is advanced, I would recommend moving them up a grade level. However, if your child is right on grade level, I think it's a fantastic and fun math program.

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    Makes math fun for student and teacher January 14, 2013
    Reviewer: rho33dav49  
    The Horizons math book is a win-win situation for my family. My son enjoys the colorful, yet simple pages, and how the concepts are gently graded in level of difficulty, so lessons seem easy to him. He has a can-do attitude toward math that is promoted by this text/workbook. I love that the textbook is also his workbook, so no need for an additional bulky textbook. I also love that the problems are so gently graded and taught in such a way that my son hardly knows how much he's learning, so quickly! Some of the most important concepts were introduced early, yet simply: Place value is introduced in lesson 5, greater than/less than in lesson 6, telling time in lesson 16. Each lesson takes a bit from before and gives just a bit of review, then moves the child on a little bit more. Now, in lesson 57, my son is confident with telling time to the quarter hour, counting coins of all denominations, Adding 2 digit numbers without regrouping, and recognizing simple fractions. Number lines and colorful visuals are used in clear and simple ways on every page. The books are very sturdy: after being handled and written in by a 6-year old boy for 57 days, not a page has gone missing, and the binding is still strong. The best thing of all--my son enjoys math, and he can do much of his work independently. I love coming up to him to check on his work, and hearing him say, "I'm all done, mom!" And, when I check his work and tell him how amazed I am that it is perfect, how great to hear his proud, "It's EASY, mom!"

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    Horizons math is a great fit for us! May 31, 2012
    Reviewer: Proud To Be A Homeschool Mom  
    I am not a math person, so I was struggling with what to order for my son. I wanted to get him off on the right foot and I wanted him to enjoy math. I decided to use Horizons Math for his kindergarden year and used it again for his 1st grade year. We plan to use it again this fall for 2nd grade. My other son will be starting Kindergarden and I'm hoping Horizons is a good fit for him too. I'm always tempted to try new things, but keep going back to Horizons. My son really enjoys it and learns quickly through it. There's not a lot of worksheets or prep-work, which is a definite plus for us! The Teacher's Guides are helpful and easy to follow. It's an all around good product for us.

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