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Hands-On Science Mysteries for Grades 3-6 : Standards-Based Inquiry Investigations
Hands-On Science Mysteries for Grades 3-6 : Standards-Based Inquiry Investigations

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Timberdoodle's review
Even Kids Who Hate Science will Love Hands-On Science Mysteries
You may know a child that finds science boring, but have you ever discovered a child that is ho-hum about mysteries? It is human nature to want to answer the whys of life but where curriculums often fall short is neglecting to show how science answers valid questions. If they could only do that, then children would be enthralled. Hands-On Science Mysteries does just that.

Start Solving Famous Mysteries
Super easy to just pick up and use, Hands-On Science Mysteries will have your children investigating well-known mysteries such as Yellow Fever and the Hindenburg, as well as the more obscure but no less intriguing Galloping Gertie and the C.S.S. Hunley. Published by a secular company, you may not share their views on a couple of investigations. However, one of the cases studied looks into the claim that Noah's Ark could not have been sea-worthy. (Spoiler alert the authors show otherwise!)

Use the Basic Scientific Principles
Hands-On Science Mysteries is rooted in scientific inquiry and all labs are designed to encourage your children to observe, take notes, make diagrams, interpret data, and arrive at solutions. Don't be surprised to find that the child that typically hates science experiments finds this rooting of science to real-world situations mesmerizing.

Covers a Broad Range of Scientific Concepts
Some of the science concepts covered in Hands-On Science Mysteries are static electricity, simple machines, density, optics, combustion, states of matter, and heat. All topics have been designed to support the National Science Standards. Common everyday items used for the labs makes Hands-On Science Mysteries remarkably accessible for any home. Printed in a lay-flat format for easy photocopying, Hands-On Science Mysteries is written for grades 3- 6. However, while children as young as five may not be able to fill in the worksheets, they will be able to fully understand the concepts and will definitely want to be included.

Sample Chapter (pdf) Hands-On Science Mysteries for Grades 3-6
Chapters include:
1. The Mystery of the Bed of Nails.
2. The Mystery of the High Wire Walker.
3. The Mystery of the Brooklyn Bridge Disease.
4. The Mystery of the Magician's Flame.
5. The Mystery of the Desert Mirage.
6. The Mystery of the Human Cannonball.
7. The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.
8. The Mystery of the Booming Desert.
9. The Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster.
10. The Mystery of the Flying Rods.
11. The Mystery of the Raining Frogs.
12. The Mystery of the Glowing Ball of Light.
13. The Mystery of the Green Flash.
14. The Mystery of Yellow Fever.
15. The Mystery of Greek Fire.
16. The Mystery of the Lindow Moss Bog Man.
17. The Mystery of the Vanished Cliff Dwellers.
18. The Mystery of Bigfoot.
19. The Mystery of Noah's Ark.
20. The Mystery of Napoleon's Death.
21. The Mystery of Lucy's Dinner.
22. The Mystery of the Burning Oak Tree.
23. The Mystery of the Oak Island Money Pit.
24. The Mystery of the Black Death.
25. The Mystery of Galloping Gertie.
26. The Mystery of the Oregon Vortex.
27. The Mystery of the Taos Hum.
28. The Mystery of Cooking Without Heat.
29. The Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion.
30. The Mystery of the Long Island Typhoid Outbreak.
31. The Mystery of the Celt.
32. The Mystery of the Hot Springs.
33. The Mystery of Easter Island.
34. The Mystery of the Deadly Lake.
35. The Mystery of Magnetic Hill.
36. The Mystery of the C.S.S. Hunley.
37. The Mystery of the Dancing Stones of Death Valley.
38. The Mystery of Drowning in Quicksand.
39. The Mystery of the Hindenburg.
40. The Mystery of the Giant Pictures.
41. The Mystery of Stonehenge.
42. The Mystery of the Dragons of China.
43. The Mystery of the Woman Who Didn't Drown.
44. The Mystery of the Sargasso Sea.
45. The Mystery of the Ice Fences of the Himalayas.
46. The Mystery of the Flashpoint.
47. The Mystery of the Island That Vanished.
48. The Mystery of the Circus Queen's Fall.
49. The Mystery of the Bouncing Cannonballs.
50. The Mystery of the Mary Celeste.
51. The Mystery of the Great Molasses Flood.
52. The Mystery of the Penny That Knows Whether You're a Girl or a Boy.
53. The Mystery of Nauscopie.
54. The Mystery of Amelia Earhart's Disappearance.
55. The Mystery of the Snake Charmer.
56. The Mystery of the Abyss.
57. The Mystery of the Fejee Mermaid.
58. The Mystery of Vermeer's Camera.
59. The Mystery of the Roswell Incident.
60. The Mystery of the War That Never Happened.
61. The Mystery of the Floating Island.
62. The Mystery of the Disappearing Planet.
63. The Mystery of the Titanic.
64. The Mystery of the Little Georgia Magnet.
65. The Mystery of the Firewalkers.
66. The Mystery of the Human Fly.
67. The Mystery of the Mummy's Curse.
68. The Mystery of the Floating Lights.
69. The Mystery of the Giant Squid.
70. The Mystery of the Singing Statue.

Author: James Robert Taris, Louis James Taris
ISBN: 978-0-471-69760-2
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: August 2006

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Fun variety October 28, 2014
Reviewer: Peggy M.  
We bought this for my third grader who couldn't narrow down what type of science he was interested in. This has a little bit of everything, and the stories and questions surrounding each experiement incorporate a good amount of vocabulary and reading comprehension, which is a nice bonus. We do two mysteries a week. No need to do them in order, so we have him pick ahead of time (we have learned to plan ahead as some require a trip to the store). Some are a bit challenging, but not unreasonably. It makes sense given that the book is for third - sixth graders.

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Great for learning scientific method May 31, 2012
Reviewer: Amy  
I prepared one mystery for our third grade daughter to use each week as a supplement to our science curriculum. She conducted the experiments independently unless safety required otherwise. She loved the mysteries and experiments, and I enjoyed watching her practice the scientific method. This is a very doable, interesting way for kids to dig into science and begin to feel comfortable with it. One (only one) of the experiments did not work even with my assistance. I appreciated how the answers to the mysteries are explained in the back of the book. There is some busywork included with each mystery's worksheets, but you can skip it easily if desired. Most of the worksheets are directly related to the experiments. Many of the materials required for the experiments are found in our home, but some of the materials need to be ordered from a science supply store. The prep time for each experiment was less than five minutes, and there was a wide variety of scientific fields covered in this book. This is one part of our schooling that our children have not complained about once--they really enjoy it!

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Accessible and Intriguing Experiments May 31, 2012
Reviewer: Homeschooling in MO  
I bought this as a supplement to Timberdoodle's Fourth Grade curriculum bundle and it's been one of my son's favorite books. Each mystery is cleverly presented, the instructions for each experiment are clear enough for my 9-year-old to understand and follow and the solutions are satisfying. Many of the experiments can be completed using common household objects; for those that require additional supplies, I found everything for under $20 at a science supply store. I've never heard my son beg to do science before because he has little patience for science demonstrations; he'd rather draw his own conclusions. These experiments gave him an opportunity to do just that and he loved solving the mysteries. As a bonus, many of the mysteries are historical and can be used as a springboard for further studies. For any Christian homeschooler who is concerned about possible objectionable material, please don't worry. Without spoiling anything, all of the mysteries are explained and even though Noah's Ark is presented as a mystery, it is proven that a ship of its size could have indeed held together without steel reinforcement. Don't pass up a fun book!

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