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Simple - Educational - Fun
No collection of science kits would be complete without a magnetic construction kit. However, with the very real scare of children swallowing magnets, we have always felt the need to be extra vigilant in finding appropriate magnetic sets for your family. We have seen a slew of magnetic kits, and we've found the one that has the safety assurance we demand and the extensive play value your children expect.

Extraordinary Quality, Powerful Magnets
Superior to its imitators, Goobi's elongated magnetic rods exceed the ASTM choking length and their balls are non-magnetic. Unlike cheaper lookalikes you'll find in warehouse stores, each Goobi Magnetic Construction Set is made with strong neodymium magnets that offer unrivaled quality, durability, and magnetic strength.

Three Types of Pieces, Limitless Designs
The Goobi Magnetic Construction Set consists of three basic elements: the standard magnetic bars, the non-magnetic balls, and the revolutionary Goobi tripods. These plastic tripods create rigid cubical structures that add tremendous stability to your family's designs. Your child will spend incalculable hours constructing buildings, bridges, spinning tops, even mathematical shapes and chemistry models, while seeing first hand some basics of geometry, physics, architecture, and engineering. Not limited to children, Goobi Magnetic Construction Sets appeal to parents looking for a stress-free activity or grandparents needing a bit of fine motor skill rehabilitation.