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Whether your teen is homeschooled or you are simply looking for toys, games and tools with the best educational value, you've come to the right place!
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Arckit 90 Arckit GO Colours Extreme Dot to Dot Animals
Arckit 90
Our Price: $99.99
Arckit GO Colours
Our Price: $59.99
Extreme Dot to Dot Explorers IQ Twist Extreme Dot to Dot Around the World
IQ Twist
Our Price: $9.50
Extreme Dot to Dot Around the USA Extreme Dot to Dot Animals 2 4D Cityscape USA History Over Time Puzzle
IQ Fit IQ Link The Elements Puzzle
IQ Fit
Our Price: $9.50
IQ Link
Our Price: $9.50
The Elements Puzzle
Our Price: $16.99
Q bitz Extreme Extreme Dot to Dot: Extreme Animals MetalEarth F4U Corsair
Q-bitz Extreme
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $22.50
You save $2.45!
MetalEarth F4U Corsair
Our Price: $5.99
MetalEarth The White House MetalEarth T 34 Tank MetalEarth Neuschwanstein Castle
MetalEarth T-34 Tank
Our Price: $9.99
MetalEarth  One World Trade Center MetalEarth Golden Gate Bridge MetalEarth  Arc de Triomphe
MetalEarth Bird House MetalEarth Space Needle MetalEarth Lighthouse
MetalEarth Bird House
Our Price: $5.99
MetalEarth Space Needle
Our Price: $9.99
MetalEarth Lighthouse
Our Price: $5.99
MetalEarth John Deere Model B Tractor MetalEarth Brandenburg Gate MetalEarth Windmill
MetalEarth Windmill
Our Price: $9.99
Doodle Your Day MetalEarth Scorpion MetalEarth Spider
Doodle Your Day
Our Price: $15.99
MetalEarth Scorpion
Our Price: $5.99
MetalEarth Spider
Our Price: $5.99
MetalEarth Dragonfly MetalEarth US Capitol MetalEarth Washington Monument
MetalEarth Dragonfly
Our Price: $5.99
MetalEarth US Capitol
Our Price: $9.99
MetalEarth Space Shuttle Endeavour MetalEarth Space Shuttle Discovery MetalEarth Space Shuttle Enterprise
MetalEarth Graf Zeppelin MetalEarth Steam Locomotive MetalEarth London Tower Bridge
MetalEarth Sundial Bridge MetalEarth Sherman Tank MetalEarth RQ-170 Sentinel
MetalEarth Sherman Tank
Our Price: $9.99
MetalEarth Eiffel Tower MetalEarth Beach Buggy IQ Steps
MetalEarth Eiffel Tower
Our Price: $5.99
MetalEarth Beach Buggy
Our Price: $5.99
IQ Steps
Our Price: $9.50
What's Your Worldview - Timberdoodle Co Extreme Dot to Dot US History Extreme Dot to Dot Pets
What's Your Worldview
Our Price: $10.50
20 Ways to Draw a Bike MetalEarth Tool Kit Build Your Own V8 Engine
20 Ways to Draw a Bike
Retail Price $19.99
Closeout Price $10.99
You save $9.00!
MetalEarth Tool Kit
Our Price: $13.50
Build Your Own V8 Engine
Our Price: $66.50
IQ Blox IQ Candy MetalEarth Starter Kit
IQ Blox
Our Price: $9.50
IQ Candy
Our Price: $13.75
MetalEarth Starter Kit
Our Price: $35.47
Extreme Dot to Dots - Amazing Science Sphero Turbo Covers Carbon Sphero Turbo Covers Teal
Sphero Turbo Covers Red Sphero Chariot Blue Sphero Chariot Cyber Yellow
Sphero Turbo Covers - Red
Our Price: $14.99
Sphero Chariot - Blue
Our Price: $19.99