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  Gibbon Funline Slackline
Gibbon Funline Slackline

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Now includes hand trainer helpline!

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Watch the Slackline in action!

Homeschool Thrill-seeking
With the Gibbon Funline Slackline, one of the hottest sports among high school and college students in Europe is now available for thrill-seeking homeschoolers as well. Slacklining originated in Yosemite when young climbers, after a hard day's hike, began walking on chains between posts. But the sport of slacklining really began to take off when slackliners started posting videos online and non-rock climbers rushed to join the fun.

More Animated Than a Tightrope
Unlike a tightrope, which is like balancing on a solid but very narrow beam, a slackline provides a more "animated" feel; its bouncing makes for an extra-lively, unpredictable ride. The Gibbon Funline Slackline is specially designed for novices of all ages, even younger children. The two-inch-wide webbing is ultra-grippy with graphics made of rubber-based paint to help little feet stay in place. Funline's rubberized traction grip offers a smooth ride with increased stability under foot.

For the Whole Family
Children of almost any age love the challenge of slacklining, but it is not just for fun. The Funline Slackline has some physical benefits like improving your child's balance and strengthening his core as he struggles to stay on top. This newest version of the Funline Slackline also includes a help line for beginners. The Help line mounts above the slackline as an arm position trainer to assist in learning form.

Bring Your Child's Mind Into Focus
And if your home includes a child whose mind tends to wander, there is nothing like a few minutes on a slackline to bring anyone's mind and body back into sharp focus. The stretch, vibration, and side-to-side oscillation mean the line can sway wildly with the slightest misstep, so just standing on the slackline is no small victory. On average, it takes about ten minutes to learn to balance, and thirty to sixty minutes to begin to walk consistently. Once you have mastered walking, try skipping, flips, sitting, bouncing, or even a game of catch. Think of it as a very narrow trampoline and you have an idea of all you can do on a Funline Slackline.

Slacklines Are Also a Great Social Activity
Perfect for family reunions, church retreats, homeschool groups, or anywhere a crowd gathers, the Gibbon Funline Slackline consists of only two parts, so it is super-easy to set up and can be quickly rigged between two trees or sturdy posts. The integrated ratchet lets you easily set the tension just right; keep it loose for lots of bounce or tighten it up some for more stability. While slacklines can be suspended at any height, it is recommended to start at twelve inches off the ground. To minimize the potential of serious injury we strongly suggest setting up your slackline over a soft surface such as thick grass, sand, or even a deep layer of straw. The Funline Slackline kit contains forty feet of webbing, a heavy-duty ratchet, and an instruction booklet.

Note About Length
Don't forget that the 40 feet includes the length you'll wrap around your trees, so if they are particularly large trees you'll want to pick ones that are closer together than if they are smaller trees.

  • Help line to assist in learning form is included
  • Rubber-based prints provide added grip
  • Two inches wide (50 mm), for low mounting height and safe handling
  • Two-part set for fast assembly and disassembly
  • TUV certified product

    The Funline Slackline kit contains:
  • Forty feet of webbing
  • Heavy-duty ratchet
  • Instruction Manual

  • Length: 12 m (40 ft)
  • Width: 50 mm (1.97 in)
  • Max. tension: 4 tons
  • Ratchet strap length: 2 m (6.56 ft)
  • Ratchet with safety lever
  • Protected loop slings

    Manufacturer's Information
    Manufacturer: Canaima Outdoors Inc
    Made in: China

    Plus X Award for High Quality and Functionality