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  Flik Flak Childrens Watch
Flik Flak Childrens Watch

Ages: 3+
Grade Levels: Pre-K+

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Learn to Tell Time with Flik Flak!
Are your children poor time managers? Countless parents have tried to resolve this with a cheap digital watch, but until your child can tell time with an analog device, time is still just a vague concept at best. Reading an analog clock can be a difficult task for young children and requires lots of practice. Owning a watch is absolutely the best way to reinforce analog time-telling. And the Flik Flak series is world-wide the best analog watch for children.

Developed with the Help of Pedagogues
Created in 1987 and Swiss-made by the largest, most renowned watch company in the world, Flik Flak is the first ever brand of childrenĺs watches to incorporate teaching time as well as keeping time. Based on a teaching concept developed with the help of pedagogues, Flik Flak designed watches that make it easy for children to read the time.

Flik and Flak Teach Time
Flik, the blue minute hand, and Flak, the red hour hand, are the main actors in a training concept that enables kids from the age of three onwards to understand a clock's dial. Flak, the little girl, is the hour hand that should be read first (ladies first); then Flik, the older brother, indicates the minutes. And that is how you read the time! (The design of the hands and dial vary depending on age range and watch style).

Made for Children's Adventures
Every Flik Flak Children's Watch is Swiss-quality. Each has a mineral crystal scratch-resistant glass that is actually molded to become a part of the aluminum case back, and a quartz movement which assures the precision of the timepiece. Grab a Flik Flak watch by its straps and pull. Unlike cheaper childrenĺs watches, the Flik Flakĺs robust straps will not come apart, so they can certainly survive all of your child's adventures.

Because they are for children, you may be tempted to purchase the cheapest watch you can find. But unless you enjoy contributing to your local landfill, the last thing you will want to do is to buy a child a junk watch. You will wear yourself out policing them to make sure it is removed around any hint of water. Flik Flak, on the other hand, is made in the same factory that not only created the first true diversĺ watch, but has been a world leader in timepieces for underwater adventure ever since. Children can swim, shower, or wash dishes with Flik Flak Children's Watches. And if a Flik Flak watch ever gets dirty, toss it in your wash; it is made to take it! Time management begins by learning to tell time with an analog clock, and Flik Flak makes it easy.
  • Swiss Made
  • Shock Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Machine Washable

    Sizing Information:
    Cute Size 3+ fits wrist 5"(-) to 6-5/8"
    Preschool Size 5+ fits wrist 5"(-) to 7"
    Full Size 7+ fits wrist 5-1/4" to 7-1/4"

    A question of age! Flik Flak has 3 dedicated product lines, each one targeted to a different age group to meet the expectations of children from 3 to 9 years old.

    Flik Flak Cute-Size
    For younger kids aged between 3 and 5 years old, these watches are perfect for teaching them about the concept of time, with the Flik and Flak characters shown on the dial hands.

    Flik Flak Preschool
    For children aged between 6 and 7 years old, these watches have the ˘classic÷ dial hands without the Flik and Flak characters, which makes these models appear ˘older.÷ But, like every Flik Flak, the color matching concept of the numbers is still present.

    Flik Flak Full-Size
    These watches are perfect for children between 8 and 9 years old and onwards. The design is no longer ˘baby-ish÷ but more ˘grown-up÷ in order to make these kids feel like they are wearing a real ˘adult÷ watch. As usual, the color matching concept of the numbers is still present.

    Manufacturer's Information
    Manufacturer: Flik Flak International
    Made In: Switzerland
    Age: 3+