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Exploring Creation with Chemistry 2-book Set
Exploring Creation with Chemistry

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College-prep Chemistry
Exploring Creation with Chemistry 2-book Set is designed to be a first-year high school chemistry course and gives the student a rigorous foundation in chemistry, in order to prepare him or her for a college-level course. The course covers significant figures, units, classification, the mole concept, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, the gas laws, and equilibrium. Students who take and understand this course will be very well-prepared for a tough university chemistry course.

Apologia: Setting the Standard
Without a doubt, Apologia has been setting standards for science textbooks for years. If you have ever doubted the thoroughness of a science text, one glance at these large textbooks will allay all fears! If your child thrives on detailed explanations and lots of information, Apologia is a great place to start.

Written For Christian Homeschoolers
The full color illustrations and written-for-homeschoolers text have immediate appeal. On closer look, the Christian worldview provides a solid foundation. I believe that a scientist who grasps the God of creation will have a tremendous head start as he moves onward into research and development, treating patients, or further study.

A Word Of Warning
These books are not for every student. They are massive, detailed and require a fair amount of math. A student who does not yet excel at math or will be overwhelmed by the textbook format may lose their zeal for science if forced to proceed down this track. Instead, we suggest looking at the Paradigm Curriculum for a gentler approach that will feed their interest without overwhelming them.

Apologia Is Perfect For…
…the student who loves science and isn't scared by math. He or she may want to pursue a career in the field, proceed to college, or simply satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Many homeschool families have found these to be a cornerstone of their student's higher education and we are sure you'll find them a worthy investment.

Companion CD Rom Also Available
Multi-media Companion CD Rom (sold separately) is designed to be used with the textbook Exploring Creation With Chemistry. It contains pronunciations for the technical words in the course, animations used to explain some of the more difficult concepts in the course, and videos of experiments that the student would not be able to do on his or her own.

Math Prerequisite: In order to be able to understand this text, the student needs to have completed Algebra I.
  • Proven techniques that strengthen retention
  • Engaging narratives
  • Narration prompts
  • Notebooking projects
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    Download PDF samples:
  • Chemistry Sample
  • Chemistry TOC
  • Chemistry Lab List
  • Jr & Sr High Scope & Sequence
  • Course Sequencing

  • View the Lab List by module.

    Set Includes:
  • Hardcover Textbook
  • Solutions & Test Manual
  • Consumable Test Packet
  • Extra Test Packets Sold Separately

  • Math Prerequisite: Algebra I

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Dr. Jay Wile
    Binding: Hardcover
    Edition: 3rd
    Copyright: 2014
    ISBN: 9781940110257
    Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries
    Made In: USA
    Faith-Based: Yes

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Old Schoolhouse EE Award 2015 1st Place Winner!
    Practical Homeschooling 2015 Reader Award Top Ranked by Homeschoolers!
    One of Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum 2015!
    About.com Readers' Choice Winner!

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    It's great!! October 18, 2013
    Reviewer: Jennifer L.  
    This is really advanced and great book. I have a younger child who has a passion for chemistry. It is easy to divide up and use it in smaller quantities. We spend about a week and a half on a module. It is beautifully written and explainable. ( I have never taken chemistry). I will order Apologia from Timberdoodle again!!

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    Best Chemistry set ever! October 11, 2013
    Reviewer: Marie H.  
    My son reads Chemistry texts for fun including college level. This is the most thorough and has the best teaching methods for Chemistry. It is easy to understand, but not watered down. He would love one at college level next. :)

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    the best way to teach chemistry May 31, 2012
    Reviewer: blessed4xover  
    Let's face it--some people are not science people. My girls are not science people, but they liked this text because it is written in a conversational style, as if Dr. Wile is in the room talking to you. They both said that Chemistry was much harder than Biology (no surprise there!) but this text made it understandable. My son is now taking it, and having trouble understanding some concepts. Even though it has been 25 years since I took chemistry, I can read the text and understand it clearly enough to be able to explain it to him and help him out. Very well written.

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