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Everyday Battles

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Battles Not Without Reason
Have you wondered why God has so many battles in your life? Why decision making is so hard? Do you wish you had help to explain to your children why so many battles seem to be going on within your family?

Our Daily Need for the Gospel
I have been impressed with the teaching that we all need to be brought to the Gospel daily, “good” church people as much as blatant sinners. We need to see our need for repentance from trusting in “religion” to save us. We need to see our need for the Gospel and the saving work of Jesus on an on-going basis, not just as a remembrance of how we began, but in a continuing walk with Jesus as Savior and friend.

How Do We Teach Grace and Disciplines?
When you come from this understanding that “we all need the Gospel,” you recognize the dangerous trap of having our children be trained to be religious outwardly. There is a need to teach our children how to live, to talk of moral codes of conduct. We’d be missing something if we didn’t warn against riotous living, or laziness, or didn’t promote integrity and truthfulness. But how do we get a balance between the fact that we are yet sinners (saved by grace if we are trusting Jesus’ finished work on the cross), and yet we want to develop Godly disciplines in our children and ourselves. How do we teach grace and disciplines?

Keeping God at the Center of Everyday Battles
Certainly the crux of the issue is that we need to get to the hearts of our children and of our own deceptions. Bob Schultz wrote some helpful devotional books that are designed to get to the heart of your child’s walk with God. If his previous books left any question in your mind about whether Bob was teaching religion or was preparing your child’s heart, this final book (penned just before God took Bob home), will speak clearly to how his message is to the heart. You will welcome this friend who opens his heart about what God is causing him to ponder and how he wants God to be at the center of his battles and decisions for everyday living.

Excerpts from Everyday Battles
Perhaps the best way to give flavor of Bob’s message is to quote some brief excerpts from the book. Keep in mind these quotes are in the middle of many personal stories that you will have to read to fully appreciate.

“This lesson isn’t some gimmick for having a successful Christian experience. It’s God’s design to draw us into His heart. He’s not interested in just having us live right, according to some standard. He’s after a relationship with us and will do whatever it takes to get our attention—even if it means starting a battle…

“God draws us to Himself by continually putting battles and decisions in our paths. They’re promptings to turn our eyes off the little things around us and to put them on Him. If your God is fighting all your battles and making all your decisions, He instantly becomes real and involved in every event in your day. He is no longer a distant God wandering in the universe. He’s alive, real, and very personal…

“God gives us the freedom to make our own decisions; however, He doesn’t give us enough information to make wise ones — except for one. He gives us the freedom to fight our own battles; however He doesn’t give us the power to win them—except for one. There’s one decision and one battle He gives us the knowledge and power to decide and fight. It’s this: Will I surrender to His Lordship? You could reword this question many ways. Will I believe? Will I listen? Will I follow? Will I give my will and my decisions to God?...

“In the last two chapters I’ve reminded you of God’s love for you. It’s the strength of a Christian warrior. Now Paul is saying that one piece of our armor is to respond to His love by loving Him in return. If we would simply love God with all our heart, we’ll hardly notice many of the battles that come. And the ones that we do face will often fade into nothing as we stand wearing this piece of protection...

“If you want to get to know somebody, go to their house. Look at how they keep their room, observe what’s on their walls, see what possessions are important, and how they take care of them. Visiting a friend’s home is a good way to understand what that person is really like…

“Therefore, you don’t have to fear battles. You don’t have to worry about the struggles. Relax. Know they will come, but know also that they are under the control of the One who longs to have you in His heart and will stop at nothing, except your refusal, to get you...”
Chapter titles for Everyday Battles are:
  • 1) Wrestling
  • 2) A Common Lie
  • 3) Confrontations
  • 4) Abiding in the Conqueror
  • 5) Fighting Within, Part 1
  • 6) Fighting Within, Part 2
  • 7) A Fascinating Discovery
  • 8) Vincent
  • 9) A Few More Skirmishes
  • 10) One Battle to Fight, One Decision to Make
  • 11) A Design for Judges
  • 12) Making Your Own Decisions
  • 13) What's Left for Me to Do?
  • 14) Birding?
  • 15) A Warrior's Secret
  • 16) Warm Milk, Tuna, and a Round Tummy
  • 17) Your Source of Strength
  • 18) Chastisement
  • 19) Two Important Pieces of Armor
  • 20) Know Your Refuge and the Pathway There
  • 21) If You Want Trouble
  • 22) What If You Won't Run for the Refuge?
  • 23) The Mystery
  • 24) One Clue of the Mystery
  • 25) Fighting Fame

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