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  Elements of Faith, Volume 1
Elements of Faith Volume 1

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Ages: 12+
Grade Levels: 7th+

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Elements of Faith, Hydrogen to Tin, is Volume One of a wonderfully unique series designed to introduce your child to the elements of the Periodic Table. How much your child will actually retain long-term is questionable, but Hydrogen to Tin has certainly taken what is often a dry, dull topic and infused it with as much vitality as we have ever seen. The facts supplied for each element are simply fascinating including in many cases how it was discovered, how it is being used today, and even where the name for the element originated. The author Richard Duncan, an engineer with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering, also includes a short discussion of each element's importance in the history of science and a quick quiz to see how much information you've retained. Plus there are simple chemistry experiments scattered throughout this book.  

In addition there is yet another distinction that sets Hydrogen to Tin apart from other chemistry books.  Because a study of elements naturally lends itself to an awe of God's creation, Duncan has also woven into each element's summary relevant spiritual applications. So Hydrogen to Tin also doubles as a devotional guide ideally done as a family, but it can be used for individual study.  

Hydrogen to Tin also includes a glossary and the answers to quizzes. Written for ages 12 and older, but if you use it as a family devotional you will discover that much younger children will find the material equally intriguing.
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Publisher's Information
Author: Richard D. Duncan
Pages: 160, 8.5" x 11"
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 9780890515471
Publisher: Master Books