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Have you noticed the trend to teach electronics and robotics in schools? When a US university uses our OLLO (Inventor) to teach their summer students how to program microcontrollers and sensors (sound, near-infrared light and touch) and explore wireless communications and controls, homeschool parents sit up and take notice, with good reason! But just think how much more limber your response can be than that of your school district. After all, you don't need to wait for studies to be completed, curriculum to be evaluated and reevaluated for political correctness, or tests to prove that you should add a course. All you need to do is the pick the kit that best meets your child's needs and jump right in to exploring and learning. Your child could even have his or her own robotics camp in your home next week!

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BIOLOID STEM Standard Build Your Own V8 Engine Chibitronics Starter Kit
Our Price: $349.90
Build Your Own V8 Engine
Our Price: $69.99
Chibitronics Bundle Chibitronics Starter Kit Discover Arduino Bundle
Discover Arduino Bundle
Our Price: $78.00
Electronics Learning Circuits Fischertechnik Profi STEM - Dynamic littleBits Deluxe Kit
Fischertechnik Profi STEM - Dynamic
List Price: $150.00
Closeout Price: $135.95
You save $14.05!
littleBits Deluxe Kit
Our Price: $199.00
Max Axiom STEM Adventures set of 4 OLLO Explorer Robot Kit OLLO Inventor Kit
Max Axiom STEM Adventures set of 4
List Price: $31.80
Our Price: $28.50
You save $3.30!
OLLO Explorer Robot Kit
Our Price: $149.90
OLLO Inventor Kit
Our Price: $279.90
ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1 Kit Robotis Play 503 Robotis Play 300 Dinos Kit
Our Price: $109.90
Robotis Monkey Kit
Our Price: $39.90
Robotis Play 600 Pets Kit Squishy Circuits Hardware Kit
Robotis Play 600 Pets Kit
Our Price: $39.90

Where to Start in Electronics
If your child has never had the fun of learning electronics, you'll want to start there. With Squishy Circuits, even a preschooler can learn how circuits are formed, about shorting them out, insulators, and much more. For more advanced electronics we highly recommend Snap Circuits Light. You'll build over 175 projects using such neat items as an infrared detector, color-changing LED, glow-in-the-dark flying fan, strobe integrated circuit and much more.

Where to Start With Robotics
Ready for robotics? We absolutely love the Ollo series for their comprehensive, easy to teach and learn approach. Begin with the Ollo Starter 12-week course for ages 10 and up. Next step? Ollo Inventor Kit! The Inventor includes both Ollo Explorer and Ollo Inventor Expansion for 24 more weeks of exploration, construction, and experimentation. When your student is ready for a comprehensive, high-school level robotics course, you'll want the BIOLOID STEM kit. Truly staggering in its depth, the amazing curriculum guide represents twenty-one weeks of comprehensive educational training. With the combination of a flexible construction system and easy-to-use programming software, the Bioloid STEM kit is the best we have seen!