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  Discovering Jesus in Exodus
Discovering Jesus in Exodus

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I'm a bit torn on this sequel to Discovering Jesus in Genesis. I continue to be vastly impressed with the doctrine being taught. They cover deeper topics in a way that a young child can fully grasp it. And in many cases the principles are reinforced in a variety of settings so that a child can see how it is applied in different situations. Plus, as part of the storyline, the pastor and his wife travel to China to adopt a daughter with wonderful portrayals of trusting God in all circumstances.

So what is not to like? Well, the pastor comes across as too rowdy for my tastes, and surprising to me, there seems to be a strong emphasis on organized boisterous play during church gatherings. I think children can enjoy a meeting of likeminded children without squirting shaving cream at their fathers, throwing a pie at their grandfather, and cavorting around on a large, expensive, inflatable toy.

You may differ with me on these standards, in which case the book will present no problem to you. But if it saddens you to see the line between how the church and the world amuses itself becoming so fuzzy, prepare yourself to talk about this with your children. So, is this a book to buy or avoid? Buy, most definitely, as the doctrine is vital. Just buy with your eyes open.

Download Dear Parents, How to Use this Book, and Chapters 1 and 2 as a PDF.

Primarily uses English Standard Version Bible, with some New International Version and New King James Version.

Publisher's Information
Author: Susan Hunt & Richie Hunt
Illustrated by: Nancy Munger
Pages: 156
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 9781581344530
Publisher: Crossway Books
Published In: USA