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Created For Work

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Ages: 9+
Grade Levels: 4th+

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Timberdoodle's review
God continues to use this Bible-saturated craftsman-carpenter to write powerful books that address significant battlefields in the lives of young men. His original book, Boyhood and Beyond, has been a favorite among Timberdoodle customers for a couple of years. Now Bob Schultz addresses a challenge in all of our lives: how do we glorify God in our work?

A good education does not ensure a good work ethic. Timberdoodle has hired many teenage boys over the years and has seen some startling differences among them, but none of these as a result of their education or even lack of it. This begs the question, is book learning enough? This is the very question Bob addresses in Created for Work. Each short chapter includes anecdotes from Bob's own life as he labors to glorify God as he works. Not a pie-in-the-sky discourse on a perfect life, instead you will appreciate Bob's transparency as he shares his triumphs as well as his failures. While this is a timeless book for boys of all ages, there is a lot of wisdom and common sense for girls to glean from also. Like Bob's first book, Boyhood and Beyond, Created for Work is a book worthy of being read aloud and discussed with your entire family.
Includes an occasional illustration by the author's daughter

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Author: Bob Schultz
Great Expectations Book Company
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