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Kindergarten 2016 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit
Complete Homeschool Curriculum - Kindergarten

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Ages: 4-5
Grade Levels: Kindergarten

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Timberdoodle's review

Are you looking for a complete homeschool curriculum for your kindergartener? You'll find that Timberdoodle's Curriculum engages the hands-on learner, reaches for academic excellence, and encourages a growing love for learning. We also stress critical thinking skills and, even at this early grade, working towards independent learning. This program is designed for the child who is ready to learn to read this year. Of course, most kindergarteners are eager hands-on learners, too, so we've included the very best tools available to be sure you both enjoy this year!

We asked parents who used our Kindergarten Kit how long their student spent on "school." Over 80% of them estimated that they spent 30 minutes to 3 hours a day on their kit. That is not only a wide variation, but it also means nearly 20% were outside that window. Make sure you allow yourself and your child some time to find your own rhythm!

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Love this curriculum kit! December 1, 2016
Reviewer: Courtney from Liberia  
We got the 2015 kit because we were ordering early in order to make sure it got to us in Africa and I have to say, we LOVE IT.  This is our first year homeschooling and I feel like it couldn't be going better.  Everything works...The Reading Lesson, Mathematical Reasoning (I know that changed for the 2016 kit...we love Mathematical Reasoning though), Spelling, etc...they all come together for a complete and enjoyable school experience.  The checklist type schedule works really well for us so we can speed up or slow down as needed without feeling like we're messing up a schedule.  I had some questions before ordering and your customer service was fantastic.  I received a very prompt email and thorough answers to all of my questions.  We'll definitely be back for 1st grade!

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We are off and running! September 9, 2016
Reviewer: Sydney Sullivan from Canton, GA United States  
The materials provided have kept him engaged without drowning in material or getting bored! MUS has been amazing...my son is eager for math and  asks to work on it on the weekends. We have had so much fun with Messy Science and Cola Fountains. The puzzles have also been a hit. Even my 2 yo and 19 mo are getting in on the action and ask for school. The Usborne books (the flip books and the art books) are engaging for everyone. I am pleasantly surprised at how our first year has started. I love the flexibility of the schedule. It helps to keep me on track but allows for easily rearranging days where we may have appointments or field trips. It would be reasonable to do a 4 day week or spread it out over 5 days. We are currently spending about 45 minutes a day doing book work, and I sprinkle the art, games, puzzles, experiments in throughout the day. In general, this curriculum has allowed me to feel engaged with my kids all day long, without making us feel overwhelmed with information.

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I think they know my child! June 7, 2016
Reviewer: john calhoon from GREEN BAY, WI United States  
I just order a custom kit, using the builder, because we have purchased so many of these items individually.  Honestly, I feel like someone was reading our minds.  I have a 3 year old gifted, daughter. A friend recommended Timberdoodle and we were in love. We chose the Kindergarten curriculum, despite her near completion of 1st grade, because of the great foundations in logic and other important skills that were non existent in her other program. Plus. The subjects and books included in this kit are spot on for our child's interests and passions.  In particular, the anatomy portion, the geography, and the art!  Almost leaves me wondering if you know our child. Lol  Thank you, for putting another option out there for parents.

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Great Products, Schedule is a Joke October 23, 2015
Reviewer: Christian W.  
I bought the complete K curriculum, and I really enjoy many of the included products, and I will rate those individually as many 4 or 5 star products. I love that there are so many hands on activities to play with. However, if you're looking for an easy to use daily format this is not it. The "curriculum handbook" is basically just a catalog of the products in the kit. I have no idea why anyone would pay money for the handbook. The "schedule" will just say "do about 7 pages a week. Do 2-3 pages per week. Do 5-6 selections."The weekly checklist says things like 11 pages, 1 weeks work, 2 experiments.Well, you have to get each book out, look up the experiments/selections/activities, figure out the materials needed, and then plan that into the week along with the 20 other materials. That is ME doing lesson planning and curriculum arranging which I didn't want to do, which is why I bought a curriculum kit in the first place. There's a vast plethora of high quality products available for kindergarteners, if I have to plan out every day's activity, hunt through books for what materials I need, hunt through What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know, hunt through Tinkerlab- there's literally no reason to buy the "curriculum" from a planning standpoint.They give you access to an online schedule builder that generates a "schedule" based on how many weeks per year you do school. The real world equivalent of this schedule for say a retail job would be "type in number of weeks you work without vacation. Type in number of hours you work per year. Your weekly schedule is: work 37.5 hours per week. That isn't a schedule at all. Now imagine you're a Manager with 4 employees. It'd generate "each employee work 40 hours per week." Leaving the manager to actually do all of the scheduling, breaks, lunch, proper coverage all day, etc. That's actually quite a bit of work and is why a work schedule doesn't just say "40 hours." It's not a perfect analogy because I obviously don't want a "do floor puzzle from 2:30-3:00" but I really thought I was purchasing a real customizable schedule that after inputting the products, number of days per week, weeks per year etc, would have have a format that looked like literally every other curriculum I've ever seen in a 'day 1' 'page 23-26' 'page 3-6' 'read The Bad Rat' etc format so that I'm not spending hours every week figuring out what to do what day.Instead I had to buy a planner on top of everything else and have to sort through the materials and figure out how to fit it all together so everything gets done every week. Flexibility is nice for some people as far as an ultra vague "schedule," but our family needed more of a daily layout and I hate having to write everything out on a M-F calendar every. Single. Week. Managing 4 kids with a fluffy "2 or 3 of this, one of that, 7 or 10 of that, I guess do 2 or 3 of these today." Is just too disorganized, and doesn't run smoothly at all without a lot of weekly planning. Counting the number of lessons in a book and dividing them by 40 weeks DOES NOT a schedule make, especially when you add in 20 other materials with varying requirements. Move up to dividing that number by 5 and you still have to completely map out which of the 21 materials to use which days. A $700 kit should at least have a $1 binder with a page for each week and a mapped out schedule and materials list. The "weekly checklist" only saves you about 30 minutes at the beginning of the year where you would have looked at the number of lessons/pages/etc and divided them by your school year. All of the daily sorting and planning is on you. What your kindergartener needs to know isn't arranged in a daily format that flows easily with a "5-6 sections" guide. Tinkerlab and the science bag use all kinds of materials that have to be collected and prepared in advance. I will definitely look at timberdoodle products in the future, because they are fantastic, but unless they do a major schedule overhaul I will not get a curriculum again. TD Reply: Mary, Thank you so much for your honest and detailed review. First of all, let me apologize that the handbook has been such a disappointment to you; we want our customers to dance with delight when they use our products, and we’re sorry that that has not been your experience. Second, thank you for the detailed and clear nature of your review. It will certainly be helpful to customers who are evaluating our curriculum, as it gives them an exact idea of what the handbook is and is not. We do try to give a clear picture of what our handbooks are like with our sample pages, but a boots-on-the-ground perspective from a customer can be remarkably helpful. Finally, I’d like to explain briefly why we chose to write the handbook the way we did. Our goal for our customers’ students is that once they are reading fluently, they will be able to manage their own schedule, teaching time-management skills and freeing the mom (or dad) up for other, less delegate-able tasks. For this, a weekly checklist is perfect. Additionally, a weekly checklist allows families to accelerate or relax their learning speeds on individual topics based on the student’s interest and abilities. It also allows flexibility for how many days per week and hours per day the family schools.While we have often considered adding a more rigid schedule as an option, and haven’t completely ruled out that possibility for the future, at this time we believe that a flexible weekly checklist is the best way to help our customers maintain comfortable schedules and happy teaching parents, while developing the student’s life skill of time-management for college and beyond.Again, we are sorry our handbook hasn’t been a fantastic fit for you, and thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us and our customers. â€✠The Timberdoodle Team

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Love it! September 16, 2015
Reviewer: Mandy H.  
Love it!

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