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Character Quality Language Arts Teacher's Guide
Character Quality Language Arts Teacher's Guide

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Ages: 7-18
Grade Levels: 2nd-12th

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Character Quality Language Arts Teacher's Guide
The CQLA Teacher's Guide is an inexpensive guide to using Character Quality Language Arts. It contains an overview of the entire program, a "how to" section to instruct parents in how to use the program, a book report guide, complete set of grammar cards (all the grammar rules learned in CQLA on "cards" in alphabetical order), the master Checklist Challenge (showing all editing and revising items taught in CQLA from all levels), a Scope and Sequence chart showing what is taught in which unit, a Content Area and Character Quality Overview Chart (also available at this web site) indicating what Bible and character principles each unit covers, a Frequently Asked Questions section (huge!), a guide to citing sources, a guide to coding/highlighting Checklist Challenge revisions in essays, a detailed homophone chart, a sample from a Level B unit, and a CD explaining the program (that correlates with the Level B sample).

This entire Teacher's Guide is for the CQLA teacher to learn to use the program. It is not specific to any one level or any one CQLA book. (Those items are in the Teacher's Helps and Answer Keys at the end of each unit.)

About Character Quality Language Arts Language Lessons sounds wonderful, and it is. But it may not be for every family. If God has blessed you with a quiverful of children, thank Him and then consider Character Quality Language Arts. Uniquely designed for the parent who is teaching a roomful of multi-grade levels, CQLA is suitable for second- through twelfthgrade students and teaches vocabulary, spelling, grammar, composition, creative writing, poetry, and dictation.

They've Done All the Work for You
As you can imagine, multilevel, all-in-one programs are easier to implement and tend to be more cost-effective. Written by home educators for home educators, CQLA has teacher helps, lesson plans and answer keys-all the grunt work has been done for you.

Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover
But it is not a program that will overpower you with its beauty, nor is it replete with full-color photos. This very vanilla-looking program is merely a stack of three-hole punched paper, shrink-wrapped for shipping. But if you've never learned not to judge a book by its cover, then now is the time, for this is truly a jewel in disguise.

Learning Character Quality from the Bible...What Better Source Could There Be?
In CQLA, a specific character quality is focused on each month, with all the language arts exercises taken from the Bible, character resources, and biographies. Each weekly lesson at all levels begins in the same manner with a passage of material about the character quality. All lessons for the week come from this passage: copy work, spelling words, grammar concepts, writing assignments, etc. Additionally, all of the editing paragraphs and grammar sentences are about the monthly character quality. So your children are learning more about Godly character while doing language arts.

About the Program
Within each color/volume are four levels, covering two grade levels. What this means is that the entire family can be studying similar topics at each child's own appropriate level. This makes a teaching parent's job much easier.

Each CQLA book is broken down into monthly units, weekly lessons, and even an optional week at the end of each month for those families who must keep strict records of a 180-school-day year. Skills and concepts are introduced, practiced, reviewed, and built upon with higher levels of difficulty from year to year.

You Can Modify It in the Way It Works Best for You
Some families may decide to skip portions of CQLA; I personally feel the Sequential Spelling program makes more sense than the spelling portion of CQLA, but you may feel otherwise. You do not have to do everything that is outlined. Some children are already spewing out volumes of essays, so requiring even more can put a damper on creativity. But an occasional assignment will give direction and help brush up on essential skills. CQLA does not teach phonics, literature, or how to write a research paper.

Makes It Easy When You Have More Than One Child at the Same Level
If you have more than one child working at the same level, this program will be even more of a blessing as you save precious time with the dictation quiz, spelling test, and so forth. In fact, we suggest saving even more time by investing in an inexpensive voice recorder that you, or your child, can prerecord dictation and spelling tests on.

About the Worktext
Each student worktext is between 700 and 900 pages in length. The extensive pages are for a couple of reasons: (1) the books are work-texts; most of the students' work (except for report writing and dictation quizzes) is done in the books; (2) the lesson plans and user-friendly answer keys are included in the back of each student's worktext.

There Are Supplements Available That Will Make Things Even Better
Besides the essential dictionary and thesaurus, if you choose to take advantage of the spelling program, you will want to invest in a copy of The Spelling Notebook for each child. This worktext includes spelling rules and serves as the student's workbook for each week's spelling lesson. One Spelling Notebook per child is used for the entire second through twelfth grades.

The CQLA Teacher's Guide (available separately) is a 300-page book with accompanying CD walking you through a CQLA lesson. It explains how the program works and provides a sample lesson, scope, and sequence for CQLA; how to write the various types of reports and essays, including timed essays like those required for the SAT; and much more. Most parents will find the Teacher's Guide indispensable.

We Believe You Will Find This to be A Real Bargain
At first glance, CQLA is not a cheap program, but when you consider that you do not need a separate writing, spelling, or grammar text, it works out to be cost-effective. Then, when you factor in the time you save in preparation, CQLA becomes a real bargain.

The Blue level pertains to: Creativity, Obedience, Orderliness, Virtue, Love, Responsibility, Wisdom, and Decisiveness.
The Green level covers: Alertness, Self-control, Gratefulness, Humility, Meekness, Diligence, Gentleness, and Sincerity.

Pre A is for students working at second- and third-grade levels.
A for those working at fourth- and fifth-grade levels.
B is for those working at sixth- through eighth-grade levels.
C is for those working at high-school level.

View samples of the CQLA Teacher's Guide:
Chapter 1: Overview of CQLA
Chapter 2: How to Use CQLA
Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 9: KWO, Plagiarism, and Passages
Chapter 18 - Character Quality and Content Area and Overview Sheets
Chapter 19 - Scope and Sequence Charts

An overview of the entire CQLA program
A "How To" section
Book report guide
Grammar cards (all the grammar rules learned in CQLA on "cards" in alphabetical order)
Master Checklist Challenge
Scope and Sequence chart
Content Area and Character Quality Overview Chart
Frequently Asked Questions section
Guide to citing sources
Guide to coding/highlighting
Checklist Challenge revisions in essays
Detailed homophone chart
Sample from a Level B unit
CD explaining the program

Not specific to any one level or any one CQLA book

Author: Donna Reish
Pages: 300
Binding: Spiral
Publisher: Training For Triumph

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Very, very helpful! November 1, 2010
Reviewer: Carrie Anne from Maine  
The CQLA teachers guide, while not required, really ought to be.  It is so helpful, full of many, many tips, techniques and guidelines for using this program successfully.  I found it very useful when beginning CQLA with my daughter and I continue to reference now, over a year later.  I try to flip through it every so often just for a refresher on all the great information it has.  I absolutely think it is worth the expense.

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My children would say it is worth the time August 29, 2009
Reviewer: Cheri S. from Vancouver, WA  
We love this program. Both my 5th grade son and 7th grade daughter have made huge strides in their writing. Writing instruction is specific and effective, grammar is taught understandably, vocabulary is challenging but applicable, and spelling practice is reasonable. All passages teach and reinforce godly character. My daughter appreciates the challenge that it brings her, and my son is pleased with the progress in his writing. Both would say it is worth the time that they spend working in it daily. I heartily agree. The program does take some time to learn but it is definitely worth staying with. Excellent tips are given in the teacher's manual to help with the process. Highly recommended.

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overwhelming August 29, 2009
Reviewer: Linda Hensz from Narrowsburg, NY United States  
I purchased this from Timberdoodle when I was at my wits end trying to find a program for my middle-high schooler. I have been homeschooling for 15 years, and I really did TRY to figure this program out, but after awhile just resold it. With 5 children to homeschool, I found this quite time consuming besides.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Very user friendly! August 29, 2009
Reviewer: Sheila K. from Fredericksburg, TX  
CQLA is more work for my kids than other programs they have used, but that was due to my lack of thoroughness in putting together a program for them.  This program covers all the bases and is very user friendly.  It is designed for multi-grade families and fills that need nicely.  One of my favorite things about it is that it addresses character.  It is very similar in some respects to Learning Language Arts Through Literature, but I don't have to worry about potentially objectionable literature selections.  My kids like it as well as other programs we have used--no better, no worse.  It doesn't require tons of parental oversight, but I do have to keep up with them and sometimes explain grammar in more detail than the text does.  Overall, I love the all-inclusive format and the character emphasis. Worth the price!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
CQLA is a tedious program to use August 29, 2009
Reviewer: Laurie T. from NY  
CQLA is a tedious program to use.  While I don't doubt it's effectiveness it took a long time to get the hang of it and is not teacher friendly.  Too much is assumed to be known by the teacher and it takes 3 times as long to complete the lessons than what is stated.  I like it's thoroughness but needs to be put in a more user friendly format.  The challenge checklists are difficult to understand and not for the timid or simple minded teacher such as I am. The teacher manual is huge and hard to locate things. Etc!

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