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Boogie Board

If you are frustrated by personal dry-erase boards with markers that easily dry out and stain clothes or erase when accidentally rubbed against, then what you want is a Boogie Board tablet that solves all of these problems.

Thin, compact, durable, and shatter-proof with a scratch-resistant coating that is easy to clean and maintain, the Boogie Board tablet replaces paper clutter and whiteboard messiness with a pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface. Simply press on the surface with the included stylus or other suitable writing instruments (even your finger) to create an image, and then with one click of the button the entire LCD screen is wiped clean, with no traces of previous work.

Students use a Boogie Board to practice handwriting or spelling and to work out mathematical solutions. Travelers draw pictures – the variable pressure response creates thick and thin lines based on the amount of pressure that is applied – and compete at tic-tac-toe and car games.

Coaches use the Boogie Board tablet to diagram winning plays, and board game players use it to keep score. A Boogie Board tablet can be used to take messages by the phone, or keep one on the counter or near a computer for reminders and to-do lists.

A useful tool for patients after a stroke or in a nursing home, the Boogie Board tablet is intuitive to use, and is light and very portable.

The Boogie Board Tablet uses Reflex™ LCDs that are completely reflective and use ambient light to display a gray image, and just like paper brightness, Boogie Board brightness decreases in lower light. No power is needed to create or retain an image, so leave a favorite drawing or message on your Boogie Board Tablet as long as you wish. The battery is only engaged when you erase, and you can do that at least 50,000 times. That’s about forty times a day for three years!

And if you’re not a big fan of paper clutter, you will be thrilled to know that fifty reams of paper can be saved with just one Boogie Board tablet! Just think, with each button push of the Boogie Board tablet, a piece of paper or sticky note is prevented from being used.

Keep a Boogie Board tablet in the schoolroom, kitchen, home office, and car. You will be pleased by the versatility, quality, and simplicity.