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Body of Evidence DVD - The Hearing Ear & Seeing Eye
Body of Evidence DVD - The Hearing Ear & Seeing Eye

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Body of Evidence: The Hearing Ear & The Seeing Eye
No organs of the human body attest more abundantly to God’s creative handiwork than the ear and the eye. The amazing hand of the Creator is obvious to anyone willing to take a brief tour just below the surface.

In the ear, sound waves pass successively through air, bone, and a watery fluid to reach the marvelous organ of Corti, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy that the brain interprets as sound.

The eye is actually a part of the brain itself, and functions as a living camera with automatic control of focus and light. In the retina, light passes through living “fiber optics” to reach the photoreceptor cells that pass information to the brain, which is interpreted as vision.

Dr. Menton’s casual humor and competence as a beloved professor—plus his use of colorful anatomical models—makes otherwise hard-to-understand concepts both fun and easy to remember!

Part 1: 35 mins. Part 2: 63 mins.

About the Instructor:
David Menton earned a Ph.D. in cell biology from Brown University. He served as a biomedical research technician at Mayo Clinic and then as an associate professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine (St Louis). For almost two decades he has been profiled in American Men and Women of Science—A Biographical Directory of Today’s Leaders in Physical, Biological and Related Sciences. Dr. Menton has lectured throughout the United States and Canada on the creation-evolution controversy.
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    Body of Evidence Study Guide
    The 64-page Body of Evidence Study Guide contains more than 600 questions that allow older students to get maximum benefit from the Body of Evidence DVD Series. Detailed questions follow the order of topics presented and guide students to find the answers. The questions also serve as an outline for the course. Each student will want his or her own copy to get the most out of the course. NOTE: This is a compilation of questions only, no answers!

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    Body of Evidence DVD Review by Afterthoughts December 30, 2011
    Reviewer: Brandy from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    The one word that best describes the set up of this video is contrived. Dr. Menton, the professor-type teaching the "class," is teaching two students. I suppose this could have been pulled off well, but it just isn't very believable. I think it would have been best had the good doctor simply taught to the camera, but a second-best would have been to use a larger crowd. The two students were awkward and stilted.

    With that said, one of the things I always appreciate about Timberdoodle is that they are very honest in their curriculum descriptions. I wasn't surprised at all to see that their description on their website was very open about this, my one complaint.

    I couldn't help but like Dr. Menton by the end of the first session {each DVD contains 2 sessions--the first session on mine was, predictably, on how the ear hears}. I remember going over anatomy in my college biology class, and it was amazing. I was fascinated all over again with Dr. Menton's description of the intricacy of the ear. By the end, I sort of felt like he was my grandpa, sharing his wisdom with me.

    I like the curriculum. Part of me felt like it wasn't "enough;" I am so accustomed to my children learning from books rather than a screen. I am very tempted, though, to let my oldest watch the sessions where they fit with his anatomy chapters in his science reader next year, even though he will only be 10. My bigger temptation, though, is going to be to buy the curriculum and use it for junior high science. High schoolers would probably get more out of it, but I think a thirteen-year-old would do just fine and really enjoy the change of pace that a DVD curriculum would bring.

    I also noticed that there is a self-test workbook available if I thought we needed it.

    In all, if you're looking to add a little something to your science, this might be a pleasant, relaxing, informative addition.

    Oh! And one more thought: the lecture style was much like what I experienced in college. It might be good training for any of our children who are planning on university education to practice taking notes along the way. The format definitely lends itself to this.

    Read the rest of this review at http://thoughtsaftergod.blogspot.com/2011/09/curriculum-review-body-of-evidence-dvd.html

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    Wonderful Resource For All Home Schoolers! September 20, 2011
    Reviewer: Celena J. from United States  
    My husband and I purchased "The Hearing Ear & Seeing Eye" to prepare for Creation Science week at our church. We learned so much from this DVD that we put to use when we taught 200 kids who ranged in age from 6-12. The children enjoyed what we taught, paid close attention, and definitely learned a lot. We didn't show the DVD during our lesson, but used the knowledge we learned and got great lesson ideas through it. This movie is both entertaining and enlightening. I recommend it even if your children are younger.  These are things YOU need to know so that you can teach THEM!

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