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Blackline Maps of World History CD-ROM
Blackline Maps of World History CD-ROM

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With a (yaaaawn) name like this I wouldn't be surprised to have most parents flip right by this jewel. That would be a shame. The ideal maps for teaching world history are maps that reflect the political boundaries of each historical period. Since common blackline maps (or outline maps, as they are more commonly referred to) are nearly always drawn with current political boundary lines, they can be frustrating to use.

But these maps, newly revised and updated in 2004, follow a chronological progression of history and are broken down into four major time periods:
The Ancients (5000 B.C.-400 A.D.)
The Middle Ages (400 A.D.-1600 A.D.)
The New World (1600 A.D.-1850 A.D.) and
The Modern World (1850 A.D.- Present, including 9/11)

Each map is actually presented twice, with one unlabeled and the other with some features noted and labeled. Also included are suggested lesson plans for studying each map and the associated time period. Because Blackline Maps of World History is a CD-ROM, you can print only the maps you need, in the quantities that are appropriate for your family.

Using historical outline maps reinforces historical and geographical facts for students and gives them an edge in their learning. Over 200 World history maps, CD-ROM is Mac and Windows compatible. All documents are in PDF format.

Please Note:
Unlike Uncle Josh's Outline Maps, Blackline Maps of World History does NOT include all of the up to date maps. As the name implies, the focus here is on the historical maps. They do include a smattering of current maps - but not what I would consider to be a complete collection.

  • Have over 200 World History maps at your fingertips
  • Print them all or just the ones you need today
  • Make multiple copies for your family's use
  • Lesson plans for your maps are included
  • See the landscape (i.e. the political boundaries, major cities, etc.) from the historical time period - instead of what the region is like today.
  • Label places of historical significance on their outline maps.
  • Color in empires, trace travel routes, draw scales and directional symbols, etc.
  • Finished maps can be posted to the bulletin board or refrigerator or placed in a history notebook.

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Terri Johnson
    Format: Cd-Rom, PDF Files
    Copyright: 2004
    Publisher: Knowledge Quest

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