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  Big Truths for Little Kids
Big Truths for Little Kids

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Ages: 5-8
Grade Levels: K-3

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Is a mom on the brink of 50 years of age allowed to have a children's title as her favorite book for 2004? I sure hope so because I am totally excited about this book and we don't even have a child in the targeted age range!

Why am I so thrilled about this devotional book? Because, most devotional books for young children allow distortion to creep in for the sake of simplicity. Not so here. This is solid Biblical teaching at its finest. If you are looking for a way to present your young children the essentials of theology in an easy to digest format, look no further.

Each of the 36 chapters begins with simplified questions from the Westminster catechism, followed by a realistic story children can easily relate to. Each story links to the next as a godly family endeavors to teach their children Biblical truths.

Any blemishes to be aware of? Only a couple. The chapter on infant baptism reflects Presbyterian doctrine, though it mentions both types of baptism. I think this would generate a wonderful discussion, but I know that for some of you, infant baptism is heresy, so I thought it would be best to mention it. Too, though the illustrations of the children are charming, they are dressed contemporarily, meaning there are some children wearing swimsuits or shorts. While modest dress is certainly our desire, I sincerely hope that something so minor will not stop any of you from considering this jewel of a book.

Recommended for ages 5 - 8, but I think many 3-year-olds could grasp the truths. 160 pages, hardback.

Uses King James, New King James, and New International Version Bible references.

Publisher's Information
Author: Susan Hunt & Richie Hunt
Illustrated by: Nancy Munger
Pages: 160
Binding: Hardback
Copyright: 1999
ISBN: 9781581341065
Publisher: Crossway Books
Published In: Thailand