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BambinoLUK  Starter Pack bambinoLUK Beginning Math Pack bambinoLUK Concentration
BambinoLUK Starter Pack
Our Price: $19.95
bambinoLUK Critical Thinking 1 bambinoLUK Critical Thinking 2 bambinoLUK Set A
bambinoLUK Set A
Our Price: $55.90
bambinoLUK Set B bambinoLUK Theme-based Learning: Animals Pack BambinoLUK Visual Perception Pack 1
bambinoLUK Set B
Our Price: $42.00
bambinoLUK Visual Perception Pack 2 miniLUK Advance Geometry Pack miniLUK Advance Higher Order Thinking Pack 1
miniLUK Advance Higher Order Thinking Pack 2 miniLUK Advance Visual Perception Pack miniLUK Concentration Pack
miniLUK Critical Thinking Pack miniLUK Math and Basic Geometry Pack MiniLUK Starter Pack
miniLUK Starter Pack
Our Price: $19.95
miniLUK Theme-based Learning Pack miniLUK Visual Perception Pack 1 miniLUK Visual Perception Pack 2
SpecialLUK Primary Set
SpecialLUK Primary Set
Our Price: $14.95
Young children are almost always hands-on learners. That is why your child picks up and touches everything. It may look destructive, but it is how God has programmed him to learn. And because at this age your child will learn more easily using this preferred learning style, we recommend adding a hands-on thinking program to any written curriculum, to add balance and success.

For this age group, the most comprehensive program is the Bambino LUK. The LUK learning system has been used in over fifty countries for more than forty years. New to the LUK line is the Bambino LUK. Intended to maximize children's learning, it contains one easy-to-operate controller with six tiles housed in a transparent case and a number of different workbook sets targeting memorization, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic skills, and basic arithmetic.

The six large and sturdy tiles have a familiar picture symbol on one side and a colorful dotted pattern on the back. The decision to use symbols instead of numbers allows even very young children to play. When your child finishes the exercises in one of the books, he closes the lid and flips the controller. The colorful dotted pattern on the back will let him know if his answers were right.

Because this program requires the repeated handling of tiles, your child's fine motor skills are strengthened and his eye-hand and brain coordination are greatly enhanced. For ages three to five, produced by a secular company, so some of the pages may not be suitable for your children.

Please note: Due to the manufacturer’s policies, we can only ship the MiniLUK and BambinoLUK product lines to customers within the USA. We regret that we are unable to provide this product line to our non-domestic customers. Thank you for understanding!

Make Your Own BambinoLUK and MiniLUK Challenges!

BambinoLUK DIY Instructions
BambinoLUK DIY Templates
BambinoLUK DIY Skills Chart

MiniLUK DIY Instructions
MiniLUK DIY Templates
MiniLUK DIY Skills Chart