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Winner of multiple awards, the gorgeous Automoblox line has made a name for itself among families seeking quality. Constructed of furniture-grade, straight-grain hard maple, Automoblox vehicles are extremely sturdy.

Part puzzle, part construction toy, part vehicle for pretend play Automoblox vehicles are packed with design possibilities, so take them apart and reassemble them as often as you like. All Automoblox cars have a universal connector system that enables your child to the exchange wheels, tires, roofs, and wooden bodies among the vehicles, creating a multitude of different car styles.

The translucent, aerodynamically-designed light bar and windshield are made of the same materials used for bulletproof vests and are nearly indestructible.

Like real cars, each Automoblox vehicle comes with a unique 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that identifies the year and model of your car. You also can register your car online.