Customizing your homeschool curriculum

Complete Curriculum Packages

5 Reasons to Customize a Curriculum Today

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1. Save Time
2. Save Money
3. Appeal to your child's interests
4. You already own and love some of the items and don't need to buy them again!
5. Teach multiple children across grade levels in subjects like science and history, without spending extra on duplicate items you don't need. Now easier than ever with our newly redesigned bundles!

Complete Curriculum Packages

Teaching multiple students is a cakewalk with the right resources! Subjects such as science and history lend themselves to learning together as a family. Customizing your Curriculum Kit to combine your students' lessons will save you both time and money.

Is one of your children a pre-veterinarian or an ancient history buff? Customizing your Curriculum Kit allows you to ignite his love of learning by providing him with topics that appeal to his interest!

If your schoolroom is characterized by excellent learning materials, then you already own components of our curriculum bundle. Customizing your Curriculum Kit to include only the items you have yet to purchase will stretch your budget even further!

Curriculum Kits qualify for our discounted pricing and free shipping, even on a custom kit!
Here are the parameters to keep in mind:
  • In a nutshell, items can be swapped for an equivalent curriculum in any curriculum kit with no problem (changing the level on math or using a different language arts book).

  • For the Complete and Elite Curriculum Kits you can also drop items out as needed and you'll still qualify for free shipping as long as your total cost is not less than the Basic Curriculum Kit.

  • If you need to revise your order so that your child's materials are less than the Basic Curriculum Kit price, we are still happy to pull together your quote at no charge - you just won't qualify for the free shipping/additional kit discounts.

  • You may swap grade levels or comparable programs on as many items as you like for each student.

  • Still have questions? Don't hesitate to ask, we'd love to help!

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