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(damaged) All American History Volume 1 Reader
All American History Volume I Reader

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Timberdoodle's review
All American History Volume I Student Reader
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Exploration Through 1840
Designed to be engaging and written in a comfortable style, All American History Student Reader reads like a good book--bringing America's story to life piece by piece. It contains hundreds of images and dozens of maps. A thorough, multi-sensory introduction to American history, covering Exploration through 1840, All American History is designed for grades five to eight but can be adapted for younger and older students.

About the All American History Curriculum:

Timberdoodle's Favorite American History Program
Never in twenty years have we offered an American history curriculum so complete, so captivating, and so well-conceived. Similar in many ways to the highly popular Mystery of History series, All American History is far more engaging than any dreary textbook.

For Multiple Grade Levels
Extravagant with hundreds of first-rate black-and-white illustrations in Volume I and gripping black-and-white photos in Volume II, this is a thorough introduction to American history for children in grades five to eight. However, the teacher's guide makes it easy to adapt this series for both younger and older children, a huge blessing for families that are teaching more than one grade level.

Thirty-two Engaging Lessons All American History Volumes I and II make U.S. history come alive for children as they investigate the cultural, political, religious, and economic events that formed and impacted this country. Much more thorough than typical curricula, All American History covers thirty-two weeks studying not only the events themselves, but also the environment in which each event occurred and the impact this event has had on America.

Written for Homeschoolers
Why All American History and not a history book from a mainstream publisher? First and foremost, because the author, Celeste Rakes, has homeschooled since 1987, and in addition has shared her love of history with many students in homeschool classes. Admittedly, this fact alone is not always a positive feature; we have rejected countless programs from homeschooling parents because they were embarrassingly inferior to what was already available on the market. Not so here; All American History is a quality product through and through. And it has thankfully steered clear of the government school flavor many of the conventional history books adopt that makes simple ideas seem complex. Also, writing as a homeschool mom for homeschool parents and homeschool co-ops, Celeste has avoided the assumption that teaching history is all we do, and so her teacher's guide is succinct with just enough explanation to propel you along but not so much as to overwhelm you.

Two Volumes, Covering Exploration to the 21st Century
The first volume covers Exploration through 1840. Volume II covers the Civil War to the 21st Century. Each week includes a chapter from the reader, maps, forms, review questions in the activity book, and plenty of hands-on and research ideas in the teacher's guide. The teacher's guide also includes answers, as well as valuable teaching tips, ideas for including younger students, games, activities, and more. The activity book is more of a workbook with reviews, unit wrap-ups, plenty of useful maps, and more. The student reader is hardcover; the teacher's guide is softcover; the activity book is softcover, perfectbound, three-hole punched, and perforated.

Charter documents of the United States included in the appendix
Distinctly Christian
Co-op and family friendly curriculum

Thirty-two weekly lessons, each lesson contains three sections examining:
  • The atmosphere in which the event occurred
  • The event itself
  • The impact this event had on the future of America

    The units covered in the volume are:
  • The Age of European Exploration
  • The Period of Colonization
  • The Period of Revolution
  • The Period of Establishment and Expansion

  • Publisher's Information
    Author: Celeste W. Rakes
    Bright Ideas Press
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    All American History rocks November 1, 2013
    Reviewer: Angela O.  
    We originally ordered the Mystery of History, but decided to focus on just American History this year. After some research, we decided to get All American History for our 7th grader. We really enjoy the consumable student notebook, the lesson plans in the teacher's guide, the extra project ideas, and the fact that the student can work independently! I would definitely consider Volume 2 and beyond!

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    Amazing All American History! October 29, 2013
    Reviewer: linda s.  
    I love this history program. As a homeschool parent, I love the fact that it was written by a homeschool parent, for homeschool students. I find it to be all inclusive, and self guided. My daughter, who is in the sixth grade, has found a love of history that I couldn't give to her alone. Finding excitement in things that pertain to our country and our freedoms in a simple manner is awe inspiring to me. I am also impressed with the extra things to encourage a student to want to learn more - above and beyond the bookwork. It is giving my daughter an opportunity to explore aspects of history that she might not have ordinarily done.This is a history program that I recommend to all of my homeschooling friends for their children in beginning at the 5th grade and working through 8th grade. I will be using this program for all of my children, and even for my own increased learning. I even broke the book out a few weeks ago to verify that our textbook was not leaving things out of the Bill of Rights, as news has stated some other textbooks do! I was pleased to find that I will be teaching my children to love and respect ALL of the original documents of our country.A book, in my opinion, well written and very applicable to our time.

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    Concise and Interesting Lessons January 16, 2013
    Reviewer: Patricia in OR  
    We do the lessons orally so, the whole family can be part of the lesson. The lessons and units are broken into small easy chapters that really hold the children's interest. My children are ages 4-12 and they all listen attentively. There is enough information to pique interest yet, it does not "overload" the student. At the end of each chapter is an "Impact" section that bullet points the key ideas. This book is interesting for children. it helps them be aware that history is the story of real people through the ages.

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    Pretty Great January 15, 2013
    Reviewer: Jessica  
    All American History is a great textbook for students in or around 5th grade. It fits the curriculum for the year really well. This text is just that, text. It has a lot of information and is laid out really well. The only issue with this book is that it is a little bit intensive. It takes students a long time to be able to read a Lesson chapter and even longer if they are to retain any of it. It is a great text to get students used to having to read an actual text, and to teach them the skills they need in order to do so (ex: look at the headings for clues about the text, etc.). The only way I would recommend this book is if you were to purchase the workbook along with it as well. Overall, a great text, though.

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    Good History Book November 28, 2012
    Reviewer: Mom of three  
    We are using this text for a sixth, eighth, and tenth grader. We have already gone through Story of the World and the first volume of Mystery of History. We bought this book to "fill in the gaps". I also wanted my tenth grader to be able to cross off American history for her high school credits. I am not a history buff; I am a math nerd. Although I cannot attest to its accuracy, the kids and I both like this book. Each chapter begins with a simple preview of the time periods and the subjects covered. There is also a bullet-form summary of the highlights at the end of the chapter. I would give it five stars if there were review questions or a test bank included in the book. I'm a big fan of all-in-one. However, that does not seem to be as popular with history books. I should have ordered the activity book to complement the text. A more accurate rating would be 4.5 stars. This history book reads like a text. If that is off-putting to you, you might want to look elsewhere. It is not terribly dry, however, it is not necessarily fun or filled with bells and whistles. It has illustrations but they are black and white. I would and have recommended this book to others. It is an asset to your homeschool history library.

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