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  AceReader Elite MAC
AceReader Elite MAC

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Fast Readers are Happy Readers
I have yet to meet a fast reader who hated to read, but I have met countless children and adults alike who confess that they don't like to read because they are slow readers. If you also have seen that reluctant readers are slow readers, then perhaps you have already seen the need for a program to help your child learn to read with more speed. Even children who already read effortlessly can still improve their speed and increase their ability to absorb more material in a shorter amount of time.

Increasingly Higher Speeds
There are two things slow readers need to eliminate: the tendency to pronounce words in their mind while they read, and letting their eyes wander back so that they pointlessly re-read text. AceReader Elite deals with both issues. It will also expand their ability to take in a wider amount of text and do so at increasingly higher speeds.

Proficient Readers
AceReader Elite is not designed to teach your child how to read, but instead focuses on helping him be more proficient at his reading. After taking a self-paced reading comprehension test to determine his base reading speed, your child will then work at reading drills and play skill-building games. Both tests and drills for grade levels one to twelve are included. Detailed records, program settings, and test results will be maintained in a separate database for multiple users. The program can even be customized if you would like to use your own drills and tests. In fact, if you choose to use the Comprehension Test Editor to create and edit your own comprehension tests or drills, you'll be delighted to know that AceReader Elite also includes a readability analysis tool to help you determine the grade level and complexity of text you have added.

Straightforward skill Practice
While AceReader Elite is a fairly frill-less program, emphasizing straightforward skill practice, it does have a couple of nifty features. For the child looking for a challenge, AceReader Elite can be used to flash whole pages of text at desired speeds to develop PhotoReading techniques. Better yet, AceReader Elite can also be used as a memorization tool because it can repeat material over and over while gradually increasing the speed. Of course, you can input whatever you would like your children to memorize, but Scripture suits our fancy. Because we can change the fonts, colors, number of words or lines, and speed, we avoid much of the monotony of repetition and enhance memory by presenting different views of the same text.
Click here to visit AceReader's website and download a demo.

Publisher's Information

New and Improved User Interface - The new User Interface is modern, clean and makes the program easier to use than ever. A new optional startup screen makes it easy to understand how he program is organized and then launches you into the part of the program that you want to use.

New and Categorized Training Activities Acereader Elite now includes more training activities categorized with simple explanations to help users understand what the training activities are doing and why. The new Drill activities are now broken into the following basic speed reading exercise categories:

1. Minimizing Subvocalization (pronouncing the words in your mind while you read)

2. Eliminating Re-Reading & Regression (letting your eyes wander back to re-read text)

3. Expanding your Eye Fixation Zone (ability to read a wider text width when your eyes are focused on a single point)

4. Reducing your Eye Fixation Time (time spent when your eyes are focused on a single point)

5. Increasing your Re-Fixation Speed (ability to reposition your eyes at a rapid rate)

This new way of organizing the training activities was a major enhancement to the program and makes the program easier than ever to use.

Goal Setting - Allows you to keep track of where you are relative to your goal. The program also includes Courses and Drills to help you reach your goal. Courses and Drills automatically adjust according to your skill level. When setting your goal, we also provide you with a chart of typical and optimal reading speeds to help you determine a realistic goal.

Themed Material - All of The core Test Sets (American History, Earth & Space Science, Famous People, Fun Facts, and SAT Prep) are now included in this version of the program. You no longer need to purchase them as separate add-ons. We have also included Courses for each theme. This is a major enhancement to the program. You can pick a theme for the training exercises that match your interest and learn interesting educational material while learning how to become an efficient reader.

eBooks - We added numerous handpicked eBooks that you can access from the File drop down menu from within The Reading Mode section of the program.

Advanced Administration - Includes all the Administration functions that have held up to the needs of schools and learning centers over the past 15 years. The administration functions allow you to manage students (including the ability to assign students to classes), generate reports and graphs for monitoring your students progress plus the ability to set many program options. The administration functions also allow you to create and customize the Tests, Drills and Games. For example, you can easily create your own Flash Card material and the program will make a game using your material via the Flash Card Game. The Comprehension Test and Drill Text Editors include a readability statistics analysis tool to help you determine the grade level and complexity of text.

Unlimited Users - Each student will logon with their name and the program will keep the program settings and test scores separate for each user.

Daily Status Indicator - The program now includes a daily status progress meter in the automated Course Mode that shows you the recommended number of activities to perform each day. Note: The administration functions allow you to tailor the number of activities to perform each day.

Speed Reading Stopwatch - When taking a self-paced reading/comprehension test, the program will now show you a running clock and your current Words per Minute in real time while you read. So now, you don't need to complete the self-paced reading/comprehension test to see what your speed is. This innovative new speed reading stopwatch is small enough to not hinder your reading, but handy to look at while reading.

Windows 8/7/XP and latest Macintosh OS X platform support.

System requirements:
Mac OS9.2.2- OSX Support.

Windows version also available.

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