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A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers Book
A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers Book

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Grade Levels: 4th-8th, but easily adaptable to a wider range

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A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers:
A Full Year's Curriculum in 32 Weekly Lessons

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Understanding Classical Music Is Important
If you want to push a hot button, talk to Christians about music. We tend to be all over the map regarding what is appropriate, and wow are we passionate! But even the extremists acknowledge the importance of classical music, both historically and in modern times, as it is used for everything from stopping troublemakers from congregating outside supermarkets, to reducing stress and anxiety for heart patients recovering in the hospital.

Studying Biographies Is Finally Easy!
However, to fully understand classical music, your children should study each composer's biography, and there is no easier way than with A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers. This trouble-free, thirty-two–week course provides a reflective look at twenty-six famous composers, their music, and the period God placed them in. Of significant importance to those of us who want to know, the authors have also delved into each composer's character traits and Christian testimony (or lack thereof).

Lots of Resources Included in This 32-Week Course
Included in A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers are easy-to-use maps, a comparative timeline, quizzes, answer keys, listening suggestions, intricate coloring pages, and much more. It is obvious that the authors have done the work, which means you don't have to. This is ideal for grades 4–8, but is so easily adaptable for younger and older students that it makes a perfect study for the entire family.

  • 32 Weekly Lessons
  • 26 Bios of Famous Composers
  • 6 Eras of Music Explained
  • Easy-to-Use Comparative Timeline
  • Easy-to-Use Maps
  • Composer Info-Cards & Game Directions
  • Note-taking Pages
  • Quizzes
  • Answer Keys
  • Listening Suggestions
  • Intricate Coloring Pages
  • Resource Books

    Publisher's Information
    Authors: Melissa E. Craig; Maggie S. Hogan
    Bright Ideas Press
    Made In:
    Yes, permission is granted to photocopy student reviews, note-taking pages, and other activity pages for your own family only. This is not intended to be used for an entire co-op or school.

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    Review by Our Broken Road January 11, 2012
    Reviewer: Hallie from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    I loved the way the book is organized into periods and the helpfulness of the teacher introduction and then the student one also. In the teacher introduction, it gives you a layout of how to use this book daily, which I really appreciate. I hate getting a huge book of wonderful educational information and feeling overwhelmed with how to present it.

    My daughter is a bit on the young side for this book (2nd grade), but she has still gotten SO much out of it and will continue to as we work on it the rest of the year. I like that the book includes different games/ ways to review the names of the composers, the periods they came from and the songs that they wrote.

    Over all, I think this is a GREAT resource, perfect music for homeschool and makes learning this part of history very easy. There would be little to no planning involved but SOO much learning!! I am so glad we got to review this book and would refer my friends to it without hesitation.

    We have so enjoyed learning about Mozart and other musicians and can't wait to use this to help us learn more about Tchaikovsky as we move into the holiday season and our favorite ballet, The Nutcracker in the next few months! Music is such a wonderful part of learning! :)

    Read the rest of this review at http://ourbrokenroad.blogspot.com/2011/10/young-scholars-guide-to-composers.html

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    Review by Orange Marmalade Mama January 6, 2012
    Reviewer: Jesse from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers" starts with an introduction and note to the teacher.  This has clearly laid out lesson plans and ideas on how to best use this resource.  Next, there is a note to the student explaining what they will be learning about through the course.  The rest of the book explains the 6 eras of music - Ancients to the Middle Ages, Music in the Renaissance and then four sections on the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary Periods.  Within each of those 4 sections 26 major composers are studied.  There are Composer Info Cards with pictures of each of the 26 composers, timeline activities as well as map activities, note taking pages and beautiful coloring pages.  I really appreciate that each of the biographies discuss the faith of the composer.

    It would be wonderful if Bright Ideas Press ever decided to release a supplementary audio CD so all of the best works were in one place, but I can see how that might be cost prohibitive.  I have really loved this resource and will use it often in our homeschool.  I have always loved classical music, so it has been wonderful to share that with my children and learn about the people behind the music.  I had no idea that Johann Pachelbel was Johann Sebastian Bach's organ teacher, so there have been many things we've learned about Vivaldi, Back and Handel that make hearing the music that much more special.  The lessons were easy to complete and didn't take up a lot of time, so it has been an easy addition to our homeschool.  I don't think I will complete this all in one year, but will use it as our main resource as we introduce new composers with our main curriculum because it add so many wonderful extra resources like the timeline and mapping activities.

    I am so thankful that we were given this to review as it has really enriched our composer studies in a way that I would have had a hard time putting together on my own!

    Read the rest of this review at http://www.orangemarmalademama.com/2011/10/young-scholar-guide-to-composers.html

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    Review by North Laurel Home & School January 6, 2012
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    Implementing Composer Study in our homeschool is actually a bit difficult for this family. I am not entirely sure why but I really want to include it in our day. I believe that it is good to be exposed to the classics and the music is beautiful.

    We like this book and study. I personally didn’t find the timeline very ‘user friendly’ but I’m not a timelining kind of person. Not that I don’t like to make them and that I don’t see the relevance of one, I just find it difficult to actually do and make one. It didn’t seem to have step by step instructions for those lacking in this area (aka: ME).

    Otherwise, it is a great book. I enjoyed the bios of the composers as well as the information about the musical periods. We learned a lot while using this. Of course, we are not done with it and will continue with it the rest of the year.

    Read the rest of this review at http://www.nlfamily.net/2011/10/young-scholars-guide-to-composers.html

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    Review by North Laurel Home & School January 5, 2012
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    Because we have never been in a Catholic, Angelican or Lutheran church the kids and I were rather unexposed to this type of beautiful music. The closest we’ve gotten is the perhaps the modern music group that I cannot even recall (it was popular in the late 1990s…)

    I read the lesson out loud and the kids ‘took notes’ with the “Note-taking Pages” that are included with The Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers.

    Even though we don’t know what all the words mean, the music is beautiful and they ask to listen to it again and again.

    Read the rest of this review at http://www.nlfamily.net/2011/09/study-composers-link-up.html

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    Review by Joy in our Journey January 5, 2012
    Reviewer: Julieanne from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team  
    The first thing I noticed, after reading through the Table of Contents, is that this book was appropriately placed into chronological order.  That's just the way my brain prefers to learn, so this is a good thing.

    The second thing I noticed was that in the Introduction, it gave a simple outline of how each week's lessons would flow.  Their goal was to have this material be presented in a simple  way.  That sounded great to me!

    We worked through several weeks of lessons.  I'll be the first to say that they were definitely simple to work through!  I didn't need to rush to the library to check out additional books; I didn't need to buy anything to accompany this curriculum.  I didn't need to do any further lesson planning.  Wow!

    While we haven't been able to work through the entire book yet, we have enjoyed A Young Scholar's Guide to the Composers.  I like the way that just about everything is contained within the book itself.  No need for me to run out to the library or bookstore or to order anything online.

    Using YouTube videos for the music selections was SO helpful!

    Everything I saw throughout this curriculum, from the book itself to the maps, timelines, and drawings of characters, was very professional in layout and quality.  

    The only thing I kept hoping to find in the curriculum were pre-printed mini-books for the suggested lapbooking/folderbooking.  While I did read some directions in this book about how to make basic mini-books, I hoped that the mini-books would have been printed already so that we could have colored, illustrated, and written on them for our use.  For families who are very comfortable with the thought of lapbooking, this won't be a hindrance, but for families who are new to lapbooking or whose time is very stretched, it would be helpful to be able to print out or photocopy the mini-books and then begin using them right away.

    Read the rest of this review at http://www.joyinourjourney.com/1/post/2011/10/a-young-scholars-guide-to-composers.html

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